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Phillis Gill was born in Dudley and was a coal miner's daughter, she was the second wife of widower John Childs and stepmother to David John. She was the great great great grandmother of the youngest Childs generation today...

The story has been difficult to unravel as there were two Gills, possibly brothers, both coal miners, both had daughters named Phillis born in 1846 with siblings Joseph, and William. The families lived next door to one another in Low Town (The Hole) Dudley in 1851.


Aaron Tempest 67 Asylum Pensioner
Dora (Childs) 32
Norman 1
Phillis ( Gill ) 65 Mother in Law Widow

Occupying 8 Rooms at 16 Alexander Crescent Ilkley Wharfedale

Phillis died in 1925 in Yorkshire

We are now in contact with other descendants of Joseph Gill who have contributed material

1911 Census

Thomas Gill 62 Gardener Domestic
Mary Ann 60 married 39 years
Mary Jane 28 Dressmaker
Annie Gill 26
Kathleen Gill 4 granddaughter born Bilston Staffs

Living in 7 rooms Glen Cottage Adams Hill Clent