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Holiday Memories with the Childs in the '40's

Holiday Memories with the Childs in the '40's


I remember the house pop Childs built - Kelmscott on the Warberries as a toddler being kept in the tidy garden outside the French windows, playing with the black ants on the pink/grey sloping pathway between the close cut lawn with the dark fir hedge at the bottom being invited in briefly for juice and biscuits on a turquoise thick glass coffee table with sharp square corners, thick pale carpets but soon sent out again. Their hotel background meant very tidy clean house and garden - Kids were messy... I just about remember Grandma Childs, she was warm and cuddly and smelt of soap and talcum powder. The house built in the Warberries was called Kelmscott and the Bungalow at Broadsands too I think. And that's a big clue that William Morris was a hero of Charles Childs! Art/Socialism. Kelmscott was one of William Morris's houses.

The Warrens Dudley

When I was in my early teens I was sent by train from Torquay to Snow
Hill Station Birmingham to be met by Dads family, Aunt Lizzie, Ada or
Len. I stayed with them for a while with cousin Roger. There was such a
contrast to my life in Torquay, it was like another world, no
countryside as I could see, the small red brick terraced house, the
smokey air, the Stodgy food and the constant clicking of Aunt Lizzies
metal knitting pins and her lap always covered in a cascade of
Knitting. Her size amazed me, no one of our family in Devon was so large.
Wish I had better memories.....
Spen went up there I think when he was a young adult?