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Congrats on ten years for your website, that's a great achievement. :) KC

Just had a quick peep at your website, and it looks fascinating! RK

I just stumbled onto your BCG website and would like to commend you on the section on German Pork Butchers from Hohenlohe ! B McG

I came across your site again and it's just blown my mind. Thank you again for keeping this site up and running SH

A very well designed, neat and informative website - congratulations AB

Really nice and informative website TC

A big thank you for all the work you have done on the discovery of the Bird family PB

Fascinating website. A lesson to all family historians. RR

I have just looked at your Eastaway webpage & you have done an amazing job. I can't imagine how many years you have put into it. It is great to see families documented in this way. CMc

I loved reading your site how clever and wonderful to read the history of the Rumseys BM

I love what you have done with your webpages and would like to copy down some of the images you have there. AG New Zealand

You have really done some amazing stuff. PB Canada

I am indebted to you for sharing your web site. WW

I just want to say that I have viewed a lot of your website and I have found it all very interesting, giving a feel of life back then. You have created a unique record, which is of course ongoing, and it is a credit to you. Thank you for your openness and in sharing it with everyone who visits your website. BG

Your site is beautiful and very interesting SG Switz.

That is a very impressive website, I would doubt Who Do You Think You Are could better that, thanks for sharing JB

You have got an extraordinary good website. It reads like kind of history book. H Germany

I must thank you for the wonderful section on my family that you have put on the website JK

It was quite by chance that I found your web page which I thought was excellent MG Aus

Your website. It is a great piece of work. KR USA

What a wonderful site. I put a link on the Rothermels in America site. Thank you for alerting us to this nicely documented website. BR USA

It's just so good to have members of the family interested in family and History! TC

I have recently discovered your fantastic webpage (Eastaways) JS

Janice you got a great and big website. BC

Very large site Janice Wow. Boy you must have been busy with that one :) PB

I think what you have done is wonderful - a great tribute to your family history. PR

Fantastic website, brings back memories! I am rather interested in the school photo of Eylesden Court as I am in this photo TA

Loved the Website and loved that section with the poems about women wanting to be married how true break our necks for it, and then.... G Australia

Much love, and admiration for your dedication to family history! G Canada

I admire your tenacity in pursuing your aims in the face of unappreciative opposition in certain quarters CGG

I just love our hodge potch patchwork Family Site.........

We are not related! ! ! however your site is simply marvellous. JE Hong Kong

You're website is fantastic! ER

Wow, Janice - what an incredible site!
Not only for the family history research + historical detail, which are incredible, but the fascinating information on genetics, etc. It will keep me reading for some time, I think. P

Keep at it, Janice, and know now you do have family that cares besides the oddballs MP USA

Have taken a quick look at your wonderully large website. It looks so interesting, you obviously with your family, have worked hard on it. SW

Thankyou so much for the information on your website. I enjoyed reading some your family stories. BM Aus

I've viewed your website.Fantastic! PS

What a wonderful job you have done!!! P&J Australia

The most comprehensive and best site I've seen on the Net - remember you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends !! Stick with it !! PR USA

Wow – you have an amazing website! CR USA

I am so glad I "met" you as following families is so much better if there are two at it. Keep up the brilliant detective work. TG Australia

How nice to hear from another Goldsmith family member, this is all very exciting, to find out all this information so suddenly after all these years. I love your website, it must have taken lots of time and hard work to put it all together. VP

Not participating is your family's loss - we may be far away but we think it's great, so glad we can join you.! CB Australia

I love your Bird webpage – lots of fascinating information there. SH

You seem to be going from strength to strength. Well done you! SP Canada

An amazing site - the largest family site I've seen on the web - keep up the good work! MC

Your site's just amazing !! CB

Great website!! SG

Keep up the good work, by the way it is fascinating! RB Canada

I looked at the site and it is fabulous - well done. RL

Thank you for your tireless effort researching our family history. This update is fascinating and valuable. SR USA

Your family should be proud of you - most people will leave no mark of their passing - we are recording them for posterity JA

Excellent stuff - well done!!! A

You should be proud that you have provoked reactions from members of the Childs family positive or otherwise, at least you have made them think IC

I can understand why you are not very popular but you are absolutely right, children need to know the truth about their parents ! IJ

What an acheivement - the best thing I've seen on the net ! Your family must be so proud of you! EC

Amazing stuff.. the site seems to go from strength to strength despite certain peoples views. R

It is a most impressive website that you have created. One day I hope to do my own but that may be some time in the future. RH

I just had a good look at the website and it is fantastic!! W

We can't thank you enough for all the time, effort and dedication you have shown in the production of the whole website.
I can't believe that only a couple of weeks ago, we were a very small family. Now there must be a hundred of us, or more! S&JB

Isn''t this exciting!!! I have been a member with Genes Reunited for nearly 3 years now and I have come incontact with some wonderful people, with whom we email often to one another.
Thankyou so very much for inviting me to join in the family resources, I certainly will... infact I am looking forward to it. WH Tasmania

I was really impressed with all of your efforts with your family tree - they make mine seem very paltry! BE

Just amazing! We've recently joined our local Genealogy Society to research our family history, no-one has anything like this, the history resources and other topical issues will be a great help to us and others in our group B&S

What a sad place the world would be if all those negative fearful people in the world stopped things like this rich interesting family site.anon (refers to majority of Birds & Childs family only)

Thank you for the opportunity to read your fascinating site. It really is amazing and appears to have taken on a life of its own! SP Canada

Wow!, the site has changed a bit since I last saw it! Loads and loads of new content! RB

Welcome to the Rothermels! We're a very large family - your site is fantastic - remember you can never please relatives - just enjoy yourself with all your research and have FUN! MR

Our motives for doing this great site for me is love, admiration, curiosity, respect and understanding and to honour our grandparents' memory. NOT all that negative stuff that others are throwing at us.... TC ( refers strictly to majority of Birds and Childs members only )

This is just so much fun isn't it? I'm a COUSIN "many times removed" through the Rothermel family! Howdy Cousin! This is why I LOVE genealogy: it cancels out alot of hypocrisy and altered birthdates. The old joke: A first born child can come at any time: the rest take 9 months! Have fun and let me know when you run into someone who fled Germany for Pennsylvania? DM USA

From my point of view I consider your web site to be a work of great magnitude and effort. anon

Thanks for letting me have your web address, your site is marvellous I am very interested in your genetic side, a study could be carried out into your genetic diseases if your family were willing to participate. We need large families like yours. The Bird photographs are fascinating and Cousins Today - you are all so alike! It shows how strong your DNA is which is being diluted with each generation. What a super site! JMc

Just great !! I've started to do mine - same sort of findings, same era, remember you can't choose your family but you CAN choose your friends!! MS

We are just filled with awe at the size and scale of your website ! You have worked so hard and we are flabbergasted at the reactions of some of your family towards you. None of your friends from outside we're sure is the least bit interested in the finer details - just the social history which is fascinating and the great photographs. We can't wait to retire to start doing ours! B & K

You MUST write a book and get it published, your stories are marvellous and illustrate so clearly the social history of the last century and how events are affecting your family even today. I have just read 'Hidden Lives' by Margaret Forster, she was on a quest like you to discover who her grandmother really was and dispel all the secrets and lies she and her sisters were told. This was just one story but so similar to yours, people afraid to tell the truth - you have half a dozen lives entwined and I find them fascinating, they must be recorded in a more permanent format. SW

Very nice - you have been busy, I hope you get lots of contributions it looks nice clean and professional and you should be proud of it. It is difficult keeping relatives happy, wishing you lots of fun with it JW

Your family site is very good, neat, fast and interesting HT Denmark

This site is an adventure, a detective story, a reclaiming of our shared past, a wander through history, a building of friendships and a labour of love for our ancestors Anon

Your website is wonderful, so human and easy to read BWA Germany

Your family website is impressive ! You look great in 1963, horrible in the 80's and great again in 2005 ! ;o)

The Social History part of your site is fascinating, I've found it most interesting MA

We've looked at your site it's fantastic, it's touched on every branch of your family, very interesting your family history, so diverse, the site brings it all to life.Wish we had the resources to do the same, ours is all on paper! KR Aus

I looked at your website and it is very impressive JP Canada

Many thanks for your site, it is very nice, we have got to know you again J-L& C France

The site looks very professional - you must have worked very hard.
The historical part of the site is great and there is a lot of information of use to researchers.SH

hey! wow! The website's very professional. Any chance we can be in it too, a picture or something? J & A

I appreciate all your hard work with the new website. It's very good & I'm sure the whole family is grateful. SC

I love your recollections of your summers at Mansands and Little Meadow. Fills out our half shared childhood.

The home page is so pretty - what a lovely site! HS Norway

The parts of the site I have seen so far are just brilliant TC

You should be proud of what you've done DNC

I like the website - can send some photos at some point HC

Bellissimo ! Che brava ! Ci sono fotografie della familia che non ha mai visto , molto interessante RC Italy

What a great site so unusual to have the history and present generations together it makes your history much more interesting IJ Belgium

I love your website, lovely photos what a talented family you have GP

We have looked at the holiday photos such happy memories for us. The website is super what a good looking family you have, so alike, even the same nose! We wish we had the possibility to do the same thing for our family ours is all on 250 CD's! - well done B & F Germany

It was lovely to see your website so interesting and easy to navigate you must be proud after all your hard work I hope your family appreciate it GA

Great - including the present generations makes the family history come to life LC

Your story is so well written factual and unsensational, you have brought the family together, all of us should get together and search our memories before it's too late TC

I was looking at the website & very impressed KM

Thanks for letting us have the web address, a super site, just wonderful to see your Carrera photos and all your family, you must have happy memories - Merry Christmas! C & NS Germany