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Isidore & David's arrival in England Jan 1932

Isidore & David's arrival in England  Jan 1932

I am David Slome’s daughter and have some knowledge both about stories relating to Irving (Issy) Slome and also other aspects of the family.

The only members of the family who were in London/ Uk in the late 1940, early 1950s were Issy and David. Other Slome’s in the telephone book were not related.

Irving and my father travelled to the UK together from South Africa in 1931/32.
My Grand mother Clara Fortas had lived in Leeds for a few years as a child when her family were on their way from Melitopol in the Ukrane to South Africa.

My Grandparents Clara and Solomon changed their name from Slomowitz to Slome in about 1922. I believe that several other jewish families with either the name Slomowitz ( meaning son of Solomon) or other similar names to Slome…none of whom are related.

I understood from my father that it was true that Ray. Issy’s wife returned to Ireland on holiday every summer…although I never heard any suggestion that she was an invalid.

The children of Clara Fortas and Solomon Slome were

Michael David Lily Anne Irving Bertha George Robert Cecil

I do not know when Ray died.


Mike …the eldest brother had one daughter Shirley
David…had me
Lily had two daughters Avril and Isobel
Anne had three children, Ross, Jaye and Philippa
Bertha had two children Sheila and Julian
Robert had one daughter Nikki and 2 step children.. Janet and Sidney
Cecil had 4 children Lyn, Shawn, Sally and Lee



Irving and Ray travelled to New York just before WW2 was declared

Name: Isidore SLOME
Date of departure: 13 July 1939
Port of departure: Southampton
Passenger destination port: New York, USA
Passenger destination: New York, USA

Date of Birth: 1912
Age: 27
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male
Occupation: Doctor
Passenger recorded on: Page 2 of 13

The following people with the same last name travelled on this voyage: -

Ray SLOME Page 2 of 13


More from Liz

I believe there were no children with Ray,

I remain in touch with most of the other cousins who are now around the world.

Cecil and Robbie came over, only for short periods to study in the UK before returning to SA.. Cecil then eventually many years later moved to the USA.

My father and the other brothers and sisters were all very kind, soft people who would not harm anyone.

I know Ansel Slome well, since he lived and studied Law in London back in the 1960s. He is of course from another branch of the family going back to my grandfather ( Solomon)’s brother’s and sisters.

Two of the most famous relatives are… Abe Fortas who was a justice of the supreme court of America and the subject of a renowned filibuster
And Alan Fortas who was a friend and body guard to Elvis Presley!

Fortes/Slome grandson-greatgrandson UK

Fortes/Slome grandson-greatgrandson UK

Abe Fortas

Abe Fortas
Abraham Fortas (June 19, 1910–April 5, 1982) was a U.S. Supreme Court associate justice. He served in that role from October 4, 1965 until May 14, 1969, when he resigned under pressure
Fortas was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was the youngest of five children. His father, a native of England, was an Orthodox Jew who worked as a cabinetmaker. Abe Fortas acquired a life-long love for music from his father, who encouraged his playing the violin, and was known in Memphis as "Fiddlin' Abe Fortas". He attended public schools in Memphis, graduating from South Side High School in 1926. He then attended Southwestern at Memphis (now known as Rhodes College), graduating in 1930.
See Wikepedia for full story....
Alan Fortas

When in June 1968, clad in black leather, a nervous Elvis Presley made his now legendary '68 Comeback Special, Alan Fortas was one of the five friends asked to be on stage with him. Fortas ultimately spent nearly 12 years working for Elvis, having been asked to join his fraternity of bodyguards and close buddies that came to be known as the Memphis Mafia back in 1958
For both his security needs and touring support, Presley hired people chosen from among those he could trust and depend on to manage his public appearances. This entourage included first cousins and several of Presley's friends from his boyhood in a poor Memphis housing project plus junior and senior high school friends and early employees from Memphis such as Alan Fortas, nephew of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas.
Whilst in LA in 1966 Elvis bought a black Cadillac convertible for bodyguard Sonny West. He also bought himself a black Cadillac convertible, a black Eldorado convertible for bodyguard Red West, and a white Cadillac convertible each for friends including Alan Fortas He was a football player and also a bodyguard for Elvis from 1958 to 1969. One of Elvis’ closest friends and confidants. And played tambourine for Elvis from time to time.

In addition to Abe and Alan Fortas in the US, another Fortes achieved international fame. Meyer Fortes, Clara's nephew, was a prominent anthropology professor in the UK. I've included a bio below:

Meyer Fortes (April 25, 1906 – January 27, 1983) was a South African social anthropologist, best known for his studies on kinship, family, and religious beliefs of the Tallensi and Ashanti people in Ghana. He was influential in developing comparative ethnology, particularly with regard to the religious aspects of different cultures. Through objective comparisons between his own Judaism and the religious beliefs of the African tribes he studied, Fortes found numerous similarities. As a trained psychologist and anthropologist, his work focused on the role of religious beliefs in social structures and behavior, not on doctrinal issues. In this way his work is a valuable contribution to our understanding of universal common values, supporting the development of harmonious relationships among all people.
Meyer Fortes was born on April 25, 1906, in Britstown, Cape Province, in South Africa. After completing his master’s degree from the University of Cape Town in 1926, and went on to study at the London School of Economics and Political Science at the University of London, where he received his Ph.D. in psychology in 1930.

In 1932, however, he found a new interest in anthropology, receiving his anthropological training from Charles Gabriel Seligman, also studying under Bronislaw Malinowski and Raymond Firth. He specialized in African social structures, and from 1934 to 1937 participated in numerous field studies of Tallensi and Ashanti peoples in Ghana.

Fortes spent much of his career at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. He was a reader in social anthropology at Oxford from 1946 to 1950, and then was appointed a director of the anthropology department of Cambridge University in 1950, carrying this duty until 1973. At the same time, he was a professor of social anthropology at King’s College in Cambridge.

Fortes died on January 27, 1983.

With many thanks to Marcia Fortas Levy - Memphis

Meyer Fortes

Meyer Fortes

Ansel A Slome

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 1939, Ansel A. Slome received schooling in South Africa. He obtained his BA LLB from Pretoria University in South African and his MA LLB from Cambridge University in England.

Mr. Slome has been admitted to practice law in England, South Africa and California. He worked as an attorney with Oppenheimer, Nathan & Van Dyke in London, England and was a partner with the firm Sonnenberg, Hoffman & Galombic in Cape Town, South Africa.

He immigrated to the United States in 1979. He was a partner with the firm Kaplan, Livingston, Berkowitz and Selvin in Beverly Hills before becoming a founding, and then managing, partner with the firm Pollard, Bauman, Slome & McIntosh. Mr. Slome retired from legal practice in 1987. He maintains active memberships in the Law Society of London, the Law Society, Cape, and the California Bar Association.

Currently, Mr. Slome is the joint managing director of Slome Capital Corp., a large, private, international investment management firm. He also acts as a director of a number of private companies.

Mr. Slome is an active member of Ohr HaTorah. He was involved with the UJA (the South African equivalent of UJF) for many, many years.

Mr. Slome was a founding member of the South African Jewish American Community of Los Angeles/Orange County, is a member of the board of The Academy for Jewish Religion, and was the founding sponsor of the Keruv Program at Valley Beth Shalom, conceived and overseen by Rabbis Schulweis and Feinstein.

Ansel is a Director of Mazon - A Jewish response to Hunger -
see website for full

Alan Slomowitz

Alan Slomowitz
We (Ansel & I) are trying to find someone reliable in Lithuania to do some research for us. We know our family tree as far back as our great grandfather Zundel Slomowitz, but nothing before him.
The part of Lithuania that my family came from was always Lithuania. The problem is that records for the year of my grandfather's birth were destroyed in a fire during the war, but the Lithuanians were a lot more diligent than the Russians and sometimes kept several sets of records, so we will keep trying. I know, for example, that my great grandfather was also born in Pasvalys, and although we're unsure of his birth year, we've got a reasonable idea.

Adrian Slome is a Walk Leader

click here

He also volunteers with the Visually Handicap Group

He also volunteers with the Visually Handicap Group
Chesterfield Ramblers
A joint project with the Derbyshire Association for the BlindShort walks up to 5½ miles starting at 11am unless otherwise stated. Nominal charge of £3 per walk for DAB walkers towards travel costs. Organiser: Barbara Hadfield and Adrian Slome .If you would like to join, please contact Len Briddon on 01332 292 262

Adrian went to Knowles Hill School Newton Abbot Devon

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