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Residence 79 Clifton Court - Church Street Ward - Westminster

Isadore Slome Married Ray Zena Cowan 27th February 1936

1937 List of persons no longer qualified as Electors
Isadore Slome Mrs Ray Slome

1938 Dr Isadore Slome Mrs Ray Zena Slome
1939 Dr Isadore Slome Mrs Ray Zena Slome
1940 To 1945 (War years) not registered
1946 Irving S Slome Ray Zena Slome & Maurice Cowan
1947 Dr Irving S Slome Ray Zena Slome
1948 Dr Irving Slome Ray Zena Slome
1949 Dr I S Slome Ray Zena Slome
1950 Dr I S Slome Ray Zena Slome
1951 New Electors Registered


(According to family stories Ray was an 'invalid' and had returned to Ireland before the war - more secrets?)

Irving Slome appeared in the London telephone directory for 10 years from 1937 to 1947

Listed in London Telephone Directory
Dr I Slome - Cunningham 5569 79 Clifton Court NW8

Other Slomes also listed in Directory
A. Slome Wembley (perhaps sister Ann)
M Slome Maida Vale
Nellie Slome 8 Phillimore Gardens NW10
( Nellie died in 1988 aged 88yrs )

David Slome Irving's brother died in 1995 aged 89 yrs


Clifton Court today

Clifton Court today

1947 London Telephone Directory

1947 London Telephone Directory
Irving was in the London telephone directory every year from 1937 to 1947

Ray Zena Cowan came from Dublin Ireland. Possible original surname Cohen, we have a possible address 33 Longwood Ave Dublin
Maurice Cowan, who appeared on the Electoral Role in 1946 registered with Ray and Irving in Clifton Court
There were Cowans living in High Street Lewisham on the 1901 census
Irving and Ray married from 112 Station Road Sidcup Lewisham
Emanuel Cowan, brother, physician , practised from Worcester House, Station Road Sidcup,
he qualified in Dublin in 1936
He registered Irving's death.


Emanual Cowan Physician 1954

Emanual Cowan Physician 1954
Emanuel was in the Sidcup telephone directory until 1981


The Bird family were convinced that Irving and Thalia were married. They used to go to the Watson's to stay in Grantham during the war. One day a message came through that they had married with Ellen & John as witnesses. The family believed this of course, as on the death of Thalia the death certificate showed 'Slome, wife of etc' which they all thought was genuine.
The family knew there had been a wife from Ireland who had been very 'sickly' all her life and had died [another fabrication?] and that Irving had to be in London most of the week at his practice in Harley Street.There was a bit of a suspicion at one point that he may have had someone else in Carlisle. He opened a medical practice there on a part time basis. Thalia went to stay there on the weekends but he always put her up in a hotel and popped in to see her.
The only contact the family ever had for Irving was through his solicitor, they never had his home or work numbers.


Ansel A Slome

Is the grandson of Joseph Slomowitz, Joseph was Solomon Slome's brother.
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 1939, Ansel A. Slome received schooling in South Africa. He obtained his BA LLB from Pretoria University in South African and his MA LLB from Cambridge University in England.

Mr. Slome has been admitted to practice law in England, South Africa and California. He worked as an attorney with Oppenheimer, Nathan & Van Dyke in London, England and was a partner with the firm Sonnenberg, Hoffman & Galombic in Cape Town, South Africa.

He immigrated to the United States in 1979. He was a partner with the firm Kaplan, Livingston, Berkowitz and Selvin in Beverly Hills before becoming a founding, and then managing, partner with the firm Pollard, Bauman, Slome & McIntosh. Mr. Slome retired from legal practice in 1987. He maintains active memberships in the Law Society of London, the Law Society, Cape, and the California Bar Association.

Currently, Mr. Slome is the joint managing director of Slome Capital Corp., a large, private, international investment management firm. He also acts as a director of a number of private companies.

Mr. Slome is an active member of Ohr HaTorah. He was involved with the UJA (the South African equivalent of UJF) for many, many years.

Mr. Slome was a founding member of the South African Jewish American Community of Los Angeles/Orange County, is a member of the board of The Academy for Jewish Religion, and was the founding sponsor of the Keruv Program at Valley Beth Shalom, conceived and overseen by Rabbis Schulweis and Feinstein.

The team of '71

The team of '71
Cecil Slome

Cecil Slome
Birth Date: abt 1923
Age: 30 Doctor
Port of Departure: Durban, South Africa
Arrival Date: 18 Sep 1953
Port of Arrival: Southampton, England
Ports of Voyage: Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Las Palmas
Ship Name: Stirling Castle

Cecil Slome, Irving's younger brother was born in 1923, he married Beryl Abrahams and died in North Carolina in 1981 Beryl was the daughter of Max ABRAMS and Sophia SWARTZBERG

CECIL SLOME, M.B.,CH.B., D.P.H., Associate Professor of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

He was the author of many medical books including
'Basic Epidemiological Methods and Biostatistics' and wrote many articles:
'Breast Feeding the Adopted Baby '
'Non - Puerpal Lactation in Grandmothers'
'Culture and the Problem of Weaning '
'African Health'

He was a rugby coach and really made Carolina rugby strong at the start and loved the game as only a South African could. In 1967 the team had acquired a coach, Cecil Slome, a professor in the School of Public Health and a native of Cape Town and a true rugby nut.
Rugby was first played in Chapel Hill in the fall of 1966

Children of Cecil and Beryl:
Marilyn SLOME.
Shann Lex SLOME.
Sally Bryna SLOME.
Lee Ricky SLOME.

Sally B Slome MD Specialty Infectious Disease Link to website

Oakland Medical Center
Department of Internal Medicine
Main Hospital Building
280 W. MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland CA 94611

Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
Lee Slome PhD. is in private practice in Oakland and San Francisco


Marilyn Slome - NEWS - Surprising what one finds on Google!

City of Glendale, CA
With information from an organization of insurance companies, Glendale police raided the home of Rouhel Feinstein. During the February 2001 raid, no evidence was found to support insurance fraud allegations and Feinstein was eventually exonerated. Feinstein and his wife, Marilyn Slome, sued the city for civil rights violations. The National Insurance Crime Bureau paid out $1,075,000 and the city of Glendale paid $750,000.
``This does not happen in civilized society,'' Price said of his client's arrest. ``I promise you this will be a great embarrassment to the Glendale Police Department. There is no way that anyone will be able to repair the damage to him (Feinstein) personally and professionally for what they've done.''

(Rouhel Feinstein is an ex south african living in Los Angeles )


Cecil's arrival in the UK 1953

Cecil's arrival in the UK 1953
David Slome FRCS Irving Slome's Brother

Royal College of Surgeons 03.08.1950

Chair of applied physiology - Dr David Slome has been appointed professor of applied physiology in the College, to take up his duties on October 1 . Dr Slome, a graduate of the University of Cape Town,received his MA. in 1926, Ph.D. in 1929, and MB. and Ch.B. in 1930- when he was gold medallist. Later awards included the Hallett prize ; he has held the Leverhulme and McKinnor Research Fellowships and has delivered the Arris and Gale Lecture at the College. He is now reader in physiology at the MiddlesexHospital Medical School, and is consultant to the London County Council cardiovascular clinic. Hispublications include a paper on the etiology of traumatic shock.

Main subjects: Guy's Hospital Medical School 1947-52, Bright's disease, 1950s developments in cardiac surgery, Royal Army Medical Corps/ KEO 2nd Gurkhas, Royal College of Surgeons Buckston Browne Farm, tissue rejection/immunosuppression, Patricia Whelan, Peter Gorer, Nils Eckhoff, Russell Brock, Donald Ross, Sir Wilfrid Le Gros Clark, Sir Peter Medawar, John Hopewell, David Slome, Kendrick Porter, Joseph Murray.

More important, however, was a reawakening of thoughts of transplant surgery, stimulated by an Oxford visit of Nobel laureate Peter Medawar. Transfer in 1958 to a surgical registrarship at the Royal Free Hospital, London, yielded initial opportunities of transplantation research, through the encouragement of head of firm, John Hopewell and support from David Slome, of Royal College of Surgeons, who extended modest research facilities at the College's Buckston Browne Farm.


Robert Slome's arrival in the UK 1954

Robert Slome's arrival in the UK 1954
Robert Slome
Birth Date: abt 1921
Age: 33 Doctor
Port of Departure: Durban, South Africa
Arrival Date: 12 Mar 1954
Port of Arrival: Southampton, England
Ports of Voyage: Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Madeira
Ship Name: Pretoria Castle