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Rothermels of Balzfeld Heidlelberg

Balzfeld Baden

Balzfeld Baden
Descendants of Georg Joseph Rothermel born Balzfeld, Horrenberg , Heidelberg Germany

I am a descendant of Paul Leyer AKA Paul Laier born about 1712 in Unterhof, Dielheim, Baden, Germany & Maria Catharina Kopf born about 1717. These are the Rothermels associated with my tree. Related?

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I am a descendent of Johann Nikolaus Laier (americanized his name to John N Layer) who went to America between 1867 and 1890 when he married my Great Great Grandmother, Mina. They had my great grandfather Leon, whose daughter was my grandmother Patricia (passed away in 1999). She had my mother, Katherine. I would love to establish contact with any of the remaining relatives and maybe trade facts.

Karen M Fouts

Download the pdf for family tree of Georg Joseph


We also have full family trees for the following:

Franziska Rothermel born 04.10.1874

Maria Magdalena Rothermel born 24.07.1786

Maria Theresia Rothermel born 24.09.1786 m GREULICH

Maria Theresia Rothermel born 10.11.1880 m SAUER

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Baden Flag

Baden Flag
Baden is a historical state in the southwest of Germany, on the right bank of the Rhine.

The Lords of Baden benefited from the break-up of Swabia and, raised to the dignity of Margrave in 1112, were able to take their place as one of the four most important dynasts in southern Germany (along with Habsburg, Wittelsbach and Württemberg). Baden was fragmented from 1190–1503, 1515–1620 and 1622–1771, though the eras of 1415–1503, 1604–20 and 1666–1771 saw only two active branches each.
After 1771 the only surviving branch retained full authority and in return for compliance with Napoleon, was raised to Electoral dignity in 1803, and then Grand Ducal status in 1806.

In 1952 Baden merged with Württemberg-Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern (southern Württemberg and the former Prussian exclave of Hohenzollern) to form Baden-Württemberg. This is the only merger of states that has taken place in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.