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Samples of the pages inside the book which belonged to Gertrude Bird, Harry Bird's wife, it was kept at the Childs' house Ideen in Torquay, Gertrude's last home ( last in the possession of the late Spencer Childs )

There appear to be four different signatures for Joseph, two Bloxholm and two Sleaford and one for George ( yet to be researched ) A date which may be July1842.
Joseph of Bloxholm was born in 1776. Joseph of Sleaford born 1824.
(Images and text translation donated by the late Spencer Childs)

"Praise the Lord oh yea people that he cometh
at a time when you getteth a man to walk at the
rate of a mile in ten minutes to walk 100 miles
xxx take him 16 hours and 10 minutes without
any hinderances and to walk 6000 at the same
rate it would take a man 6 weeks "