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Joseph Childs and Family


Joseph Gill Childs 35 Compositor
Annie 35 married 15 years
Percy Edmond 13 Printers Assistant
Sarah Elizabeth 10
Dora 8
Lily 7
Elsie 3
Joseph Gill 11 months

Living at 61 Loveday St West Bromwich

Phillis is missing she has been found in Penzance as a niece living with

John Weekes Mannell 66 Grocer and Coal Dealer
Susannah Mannell 67 Married 40 years
Elizabeth Mannell 36 Shop Assistant
Catherine Mannell 34 Shop Assistant
Phylis Childs niece 12 At School Born West Bromwich

Anyone any ideas about the connection?

Yes - With regard to your query about Phyllis Ellen Childs, daughter of Joseph Gill Childs and her relationship to the John Weekes Mannell family as per the 1911 census I believe that Elizabeth and Catherine Mannell were the nieces of Elizabeth Ann Matthews ,John Childs first wife. My wife Erica ,who is of the Childs family,always said that Phyllis was taken to Penzance at an early age by two maiden aunts to escape the poverty of the Midlands. When Phyllis was about 15 years old they wanted to adopt her but Phyllis elected to return to the Midlands and get a job. My wife also recollects that Phyllis often talked about an
Uncle Mannell which is a distinct connection.
Terry and Erica

Susannah Mannell was Elizabeth Ann Matthew's sister, the families obviously kept in touch. The two maiden aunts must have been Elizabeth Mannell b 1875 and Catherine b 1877

JOSEPH GILL CHILDS 1876 - 1946, Printer - Charles Childs' brother
Married in 1897 Hannah Williams 1873 - 1963

Hannah was known as Annie and was the daughter of John Williams and Sarah Ann Clarkson

The couple had 10 children:
Percy 1897, Phillis Ellen 1898, Sarah Elizabeth 1900, Dora 1903, Doris Lillian 1904,
Agnes Elsie 1907, Joseph 1910-1911, Robert 1915, Violet May 1916, Ronald Douglas 1918

Percy was my grandfather, John Childs (1925) is my father. I didnt have a marriage date for my greatgrandparents so wasn't aware of how close it was to my granddad's birth. I guess it wasn't the sort of thing people really talked about much.

Percy also lived in Shaftsebury Street in West Bromwich and both he and my grandmother carried on living there until they died. I'm still living in the area too, the rest of the grandchildren are all over the place.

As a strange coincidence though my mother and father now live in Kingswinford, where Dora Childs was a nurse attendant at Ashwood House

John Childs (1843) was a printer on the Penzance newspaper, he then worked at the Dudley Herald.

My dad enjoys painting but that's it for this bit of the Childs family - we're all accountants and teachers with not a lot of artistic talent. It's good to see that there are some branches that have some though. Mark

Hannah Williams birth

Hannah Williams birth
Hannah Williams was a dressmaker, her father John was born in Dudley and was a Whitesmith when she was born. by 1891 he had become a Fine Brass Finisher. her sisters Susan Sarah and Pheobe were dressmakers and tailoresses. Her brother Henry a Brass Finisher and Painter.
Her grandfather, also John was born in Manchester - he was a Groom - in 1871 the whole family were living together in Coseley Lower Sedgeley Wolverhampton.

Joseph and Hannah's marriage

Joseph and Hannah's marriage


Percy Childs

Percy Childs

Percy's Wedding

Percy's Wedding
Percy also married a Williams - Mabel Mary born 13.07.1896 Ladywood Birmingham

Mabel's father was Patrick Williams b 1855 Ireland died 1901
Her mother Eleonor Walker b 1860

The only info I had about them when I started was from my grandmother's sister and my aunt and that was that my great grandfather was Irish and they lived in Wootton Wawen. I also knew the names of the five children.

The name on the birth certificate is Peter, yet on the 1901 census it quite clearly says Patrick. There may have been a Patrick Williams and a Peter Williams both living in Wootton Wawen at the same time with five children called Mabel etc. (the names and ages all tie up) but it's unlikely. Plus Wootton Wawen is near enough the exact centre of the country, so why a mercantile engineer is living there is a mystery. Also why did he say he was born in Liverpool on the census? The places of birth of the children don't quite match up with the census either. My grandmother was born in Birmingham, but there is some discrepancy with the birth places of the others, some sources say Hull, some Birmingham.


Eleanor Williams 50 School Caretaker
Francis 16 Tube Maker
Rose 17 Pinafore Maker
Mable 14 Pinafore Maker
Elsie 12
Thomas 11

All boys and girls wore pinafores in the late 1800's early 1900's. Boys wore skirts and pinafores because household economies meant that they should wear their older sister's clothes as they grew into them. Often they were distinguished by their shorter hair and caps as they grew older. The age when they graduated into trousers depended on whether and when the family possessed a pair that would fit them.
Even if the families weren't poor boys wore beautiful hand smoked dresses like their sisters until at least the age of two, covered by a pinafore to prevent soiling. All children wore pinafores to school


Maurice Childs in his smocked dress

Maurice Childs in his smocked dress

The lives of Eleanor Walker & Patrick Williams
Grandparents of Percy Edmond Childs (maternal side)
donated by Mark Childs

Click download to view

Agnes Elsie married Gilbert Patten 1904 -1976
Their daughter married Andrew Christmas 1917 of Hendon Middx



Childs photos which need identifying

Childs photos which need identifying
This photo was taken in the 1920's. Maurice Childs visiting his grandparents.
We think it's Philis Gill (grandmother seated right)

Below Charles Childs standing right with whom?
Comparing the two photos the lady looks familiar

Any ideas?