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Janice and her Rothermel ancestors of Hörlebach


Grt Grt Grandfather Johann Georg Rothermel on a visit to Wellingboro

Grt Grt Grandfather Johann Georg Rothermel on a visit to Wellingboro
Janice Carrera's paternal great grandfather Johann Georg Michael was the first Rothermel from Baden Wurttemberg to enter and settle in Great Britain from Germany in or around 1875. His two brothers Johann Georg and Frederich Martin joined him to run pork butcher's shops in Wellingborough Northants and later Nottingham.
Most people from the area caught a boat up the Rhine to Rotterdam and then sailed to Hull

A book has been published "German Pork Butchers in Britain" and is available from the Anglo German Family History Society

An excellent article on German Pork Butchers in the UK click to view


Our line...

1699 - 1748 Johann Jacob Rothermel m Anna Katharina Horlacher
1734 - 1806 Georg Andreas Rothermel m Anna Catharina Lober 1749 - 1806
1769 - 1840 Johann Georg Rothermel m Eva Catharina Thier 1794 - 1864
1827 - 1906 Johann Georg Rothermel * m1 Katherina Barbara Bachmeier 1829 - 1871

3 sons Johann George Michael, Johann George and Frederich Martin ( all came to England )
3 daughters Eva Magdalena, Eva Margaretha, Eva Rosina

m2 Marie Magdalene Margarethe Bauer 1829 - 1918 ( one son Heinrich Michael b 1875 )
marriage: 22 Oct 1871 — Evangelisch, Grossaltdorf Hall, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg



Naomi Rothermel widow 56
Barbara Lena single 26 Confidential Clerk Disengaged
Reenie ( Gretchen ) single 23 button Holer
Olga single 21 Button Holer
Julius Rothermel Watson grandson 2 born Bradford Yorks

Living 14 Vivian Road Wellingborough


FAMILY TREE CONTRIBUTED BY RENATE in Ilsofen-Eckartshausen - With many thanks !

Rothermel Johann Jacob, Bauer in Hörlebach
geb. am 10.02.1699 in Dörrenzimmern
gest. am 09.08.1748 in Hörlebach
heiratet am 18.01.1724
Anna Katharina Horlacher
geb. am 08.01.1707 in Hörlebach
gest. am 16.07.1767 in Hörlebach

Georg Andreas Rothermel
geb. 20.10.1734 in Hörlebach, gest. 04.05.1806 in Hörlebach
heiratet am 29.09.1767 in Ruppertshofen Anna Catharina Lober
geb. 27.11.1749 in Hörlebach, gest. 22.04.1806 in Hörlebach

Johann Georg Rothermel
geb. 01.01.1769 in Hörlebach, gest. 24.03.1840 in Hörlebach
heiratet am 27.02.1816 in Ruppertshofen
Eva Catharina Thier
geb. 17.06.1794 in Unteraspach, gest. 18.11.1864 in Hörlebach

Sohn: (Janices Ururgroßvater)
Johann Georg Rothermel
geb. 06.04.1827 in Hörlebach, gest. 22.04.1906 in Hörlebach
heiratet am 01.09.1851 in Ruppertshofen

1. Frau Katherina Barbara Bachmeier
geb. 25.05.1829 in Oberspeltach, gest. 30.03.1871in Hörlebach

Johann Georg Michael * 03.05.1852 + 20.04.1899
Johann Georg *15.08.1854 + 07.04.1920
Friedrich Martin * 02.07.1856 + 04.01.1878
alle drei ausgewandert nach England (1875 – 1878)
Eva Magdalena * 14.11.1858 verheiratet mit Carl Wilhelm Seyboth
Eva Margaretha *17.02.1865 + 08.03.1865
Eva Rosina * 06.07.1867 verheiratete Röther in Rothenburg / Tauber (ohne Kinder)

2. Frau:
Heirat am 22.10.1871 in Ruppertshofen
Marie Magdalene Margarethe Bauer
geb. am 14.05.1839 in Lorenzenzimmern
gest. 19.10.1918 in Hörlebach,

Kinder: Heinrich Michael * 07.08.1875 Hörlebach + 30.01.1957 Ölhaus
Heinrich Michael Rothermel, Bauer im Ölhaus
geb. 07.08.1875 in Hörlebach, gest. 30.01.1957 im Ölhaus
heiratet am 30.04.1901 in Ruppertshofen

1. Frau Rosine Marie Horlacher
geb. 05.02.1876 in Ruppertshofen, gest. 07.03.1903 im Kindbett in Hörlebach
Tochter: Lina Rothermel, geb. 27.02.1903 in Hörlebach,
gest. 22.08.1991 in Philadelphia USA
heiratet am 05.09.1928 Walter Christian Kinzinger
geb. 18.05.1901 gest. 16.01.1976 in Philadelphia USA

2. Frau: Katherine Maria Mehrer (Heirat am 19.01.1905 in Ruppertshofen)
geb. am 28.06.1872 in Michelbach/Heide
gest. 06.11.1935 im Ölhaus

Kinder: Marie geb. 31.07.1906 in Hörlebach
gest. 21.07.1982 im Ölhaus.
verheiratet mit Emil Göller Mäusdorf (ohne Kinder).

Pauline Emilie geb. 25.09.1910 gest. 17.12.1910

Karl Georg Rothermel Bauer im Ölhaus
geb. 06.10.1914 in Wolpertshausen
gest. 03.10.1990 in Eckartshausen, (war zu Besuch bei Tochter)
heiratet am 02.10.1948 in Rossfeld
Pauline Emma Ley,geb.26.06.1922 in Maulach 23.10.2005 im Ölhaus


The 1870 "Naturalisations in the UK Act" required anyone registering for citizenship to have lived in the United Kingdom for at least five years in the eight year period prior to naturalisation. It also took one month from the swearing of the oath of allegiance to becoming registered by the Home Office. The certificate stated the man's name, his present address, his occupation and the region and country of his birth.
The eldest Rothermel brother John Michael was a British citizen on the 1881 Census, middle brother John was still listed as a German subject on the 1901 Census, he remained a German subject all his life and it was only through good luck and 'who he knew' that prevented him from being interened during WW1 - younger brother Frederick Martin died of peritonitis in 1878.


Janice in Schwäbisch Hall

Janice in Schwäbisch Hall
See the Schwäbisch Hall website click to view

old postcard

old postcard

Typical windows

Typical windows

An old etching from a book showing the Rothermel name in 1551

The village in 1911

The village in 1911
Janice's branch of Rothermel family originated from Hörlebach Germany, we have traced them back to 1483 living in Ilshofen. (See Rotermel page) The name means 'red sleeve' depicting farmers who slaughtered their own meat. Hörlebach is a very small rural village a few miles from Schwäbisch Hall and 5 kms from Ilshofen. Today only fifteen families live there , most of the men folk over the past two hundred years have left the area to seek new lives abroad. No Rothermels now live in Hörlebach but there are around five families in surrounding villages. Rothermel is a very old traditional name in the area, most were farmers and the men learnt butchery and slaughtered their own cattle. Many of the men went to seek their fortunes abroad in the 1800's the majority to America.

With many thanks to Else Ziegler for donating the old photos and postcards

Rothermels in 1911- Heinrich Rothermel b 7.8.1875 & Family in front of the shop

Rothermels in 1911- Heinrich Rothermel b 7.8.1875  & Family in front of the shop
The Rothermels ran the village shop in Hörlebach. But it was not groceries or meat, what they sold instead, was everything that housewives needed in their kitchen like pans, spices, sugar, oil and vinegar and that kind of stuff and also tools that were needed by a farmer. Besides the shop the Rothermels ran a small farm and kept animals for their own supply with pork, eggs, milk, butter etc. These foods were produced on every single farm in the village, they didn't have to be sold in a shop.
Karl-Heinz Wustner

The 'bach' or small stream which runs through the village

Village Hall

Village Hall

The Rothermel Haus 1911

The Rothermel Haus 1911

The Rothermels house rebuilt on existing foundations 1995

The Rothermels house rebuilt on existing foundations 1995

Rear of Haus

Rear of Haus
When the Rothermels lived here it was called Hirten Street.
The original large timber framed house had a small grocers shop attached which sold provisions to the village. Opposite there was a barn with a hay loft above and living accommodation for the cowhand.

The Rothermel land behind the house

The Rothermel land behind the house

The land in 1952

The land in 1952
Most of the farmers today in the area are part time it is still very difficult to make a living from the land. They are heavily subsidized by the EU

Original outbuildings

Original outbuildings

The cattle barns today

The cattle barns today

A poppy in the abandoned garden

A poppy in the abandoned garden

The best preserved traditional house in the village

The best preserved traditional house in the village
Else Ziegler in her late eighties who lived in this house remembered the Rothermels.Her own grandfather left for England around the same time as the Rothermel brothers in the 1870's and settled in Sheffield , her extended family over the years moved to Harrogate and York. She is still in contact with her cousins in England . Many young men left the village around this time as they could not make a living on the family farms. Most walked to Bremen to catch the boat to Hull.
She told us that in the mid 1900's the Rothermels left Hörlebach and moved to Ölhaus a very small hamlet near Ilshofen where they had three houses. Wilhelm Bühringer is now the owner of the grocery in the village and of the Rothermel
house . Earlier on a family named Hofmann was the owner.
She has provided us with some wonderful momentos and photographs.


Her grandfather was Johann Georg Ziegler who was born on 13th September 1852 and died on 9th March 1918. He was married twice. His first marriage was on 24th July 1877. I talked to a grandson of him. He thinks it cannot be ruled out that he was in England at a very early age like many others of the area were. If so, however, he must have come back after only a few years as he married in 1877. But there has never been such a rumour in the family.

Johann Georg Ziegler had 5 children in his two marriages, four boys and one girl. Their names were Georg Friedrich, Leonhard, Georg, Wilhelm and the youngest child Lena. (It seems to me that the photo you posted shows exactly these five siblings).

Leonhard was Else Ziegler’s father. Georg Friedrich was her uncle who became a very successful pork butcher and businessman in Wakefield, Georg was a school teacher and died very early, Wilhelm was in England for four years to assist his older brother and then returned to buy his own farm and Lena married in Hörlebach to a man called Kümmerer.

Else Ziegler had two older sisters, Mathilde and Anna. Mathilde married a Mr. Leidig in Hörlebach and as Else never married, she lived in the household of her oldest sister Mathilde Leidig to whose house you were invited to. Anna married a Mr. Raißig of Herboldshausen.

The Rothermel house was taken over by a family Bühringer. The Bühringers had one daughter. She married Erich Hofmann. The Hofmann couple have two boys who are both unmarried. (You told it the other way round).

Now to the Rothermels: Heinrich Rothermel moved from Hörlebach to Ölhaus. His son Karl Rothermel inherited the farm. Karl Rothermel raised three daughters who are still alive. One of them inherited the farm at Ölhaus and married a Mr. Ehrmann. The Ehrmann family still live at Ölhaus. Another daughter married a Mr. Matzka and lives in nearby Eckartshausen.

Karl-Heinz ( Feb 2012 )

Thanks to Karl-Heinz we are now in contact !


I have been researching my surname for many years and I do have a Leonhard Frederich KUMMERER who married a Eva Karoline (1887-1971) ZIEGLER in Horlebach. Her father was Johann Georg Ziegler.

Over the years I have visited many of the villages that you list, Horlebach being one of them. Both my wife and my father come from the area. (I was born in New York City). My 8th greatgrandfather was born in 1592 in a village just north of Schwabish Hall, Enslingen.

Ernie Kuemmerer - Denver Colorado

Grandfather Ziegler who left for England (standing left)

Grandfather Ziegler who left for England (standing left)



Images from book donated by Ernie Kuemmerer - Denver Colorado

Images from book donated by Ernie Kuemmerer - Denver Colorado
On the northwest slope of the Castelmountain (“Burgberg”) is the relatively young settlement of (“Siedlung”) Ölhaus. Originally there was a shed in a dense fir-wood (“Tannenwald”) in which stableboys cooked resin-oil. The last military governor Alexander (Hohenlohe) installed a foal breeding stallion there in 1808. At that time the farm (property) changed hands often.

The first owner was the proprietor (Gastwirt) the Ochsenwirt Feuchter from Talheim, then Sebastian Hauber, in 1847 the economist Carl Braun from Stuttgart, than the economist Jettinger, in 1854 the proprietor (Wirt) and farmer Friedrich Neidlein, who came from Bettenfeld, from 1884 his widow Catharina born Früh, then her son Heinrich Neidlein, since 1911 the (grandchild) Friedrich Neidlein.

From 1924 the owner of the farm Ölhaus was Heinrich Rothermel .In 1930 he gave a part of the farm to his son-in-law Emil Göllner, the other part in 1954 to his son Karl Rothermel. Since 1977 Friedrich Ehrmann has owned both parts of the whole farm Ölhaus who married into the family Rothermel or Ehrmann. ( it's not clear into which family he married Rothermel or Göllner?).

Translation Bille & Folker Frank

Plaque above the Bauer house, wealthy arable farmers in the village. The Rothermels married into the Bauer family.