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The provision of school meals and milk became a statutory duty for local authorities under Section 49 of the 1944 Education Act. 'The young need protection and it is proper that the state should take deliberate steps to give them opportunity ... Feeding is not enough, it must be good feeding. The food must be chosen in the light of knowledge of what a growing child needs for building a sound body. And when the food is well chosen, it must be well cooked. Universal free school milk was introduced in August 1946
Despite food rationing (which lasted until 1954) children in 1950 had healthier diets than their counterparts in the 1990s.
The typical daily diet of a child in 1950 consisted of eggs or cereal with bread and butter for breakfast; meat, potatoes, a vegetable and a pudding for lunch; bread, butter and jam, cake and sometimes biscuits for tea; and milk last thing at night. Strawberries and rhubarb were the most frequently consumed fruits; fresh peas, lettuce and tomatoes the most commonly eaten vegetables.
Thatcher's overwhelming desire to slash public spending became much clearer when she became Prime Minister in 1979. During her first year in power she finally killed off the provision of school milk, the 1980 Education Act abolished the minimum nutritional standards for school meals and removed the statutory obligation on LEAs to provide a meals service.
Thatcher couldn't have destroyed the nutritional basis of school meals at a worse moment, The Medical Research Council has reported that sugar consumption in Britain had risen by more than 30 per cent between 1980 and 2000. The UK, it said, was now the fattest European nation, with 17 per cent of men and 20 per cent of women considered clinically obese.
The Institute of Child Health reported that two-thirds of pre-school children had a poor diet heavily reliant on white bread, chips, crisps and sweets and that rates of obesity among children had doubled between 1980 and 2000 .

Do you remember Reagan deciding Tomato ketchup was a vegetable? Not in
my book..Thalia

The US Congress declared that Pizza counted towards your five-a-day vegetable intake due to it's tomato topping, it has been reclassified as a vegetable. Janice


I once heard a paper read
by a learned statistician who said
(and proved it mathematically)
that most people who die
(even in time of war)
do so in bed.

Since then,
I rise at six in winter
and in the long, light days of summer
I rise at four or five.
You see, I want to stay alive
and the less time I spend in bed the better.

Late to bed and early to rise
reduces the chances of early demise.

James Robert Jump

Banners to commemorate 50 years of the NHS

Banners to commemorate 50 years of the NHS
By Thalia Campbell and work by the community for Ystradgynlais Community Hospital Wales

The coercive power of the Drug companies, the Government and the Medical
practioners results in mass medication not tailored to individual needs.
This results in drugs being disposed of by people afraid to challenge
their doctors. They let the doctor think they are taking the
drugs. This means he gets a false Picture of the effect of the drugs...
OR people taking uneccessary drugs which have serious side effects
making them feel so ill that taking positive actions to improve their
health like exercise are not possible. Example drugs Aspirin and Stattins
Thalia Campbell

It is said that Harry Bird had 'genetic' problems, including only one lung. Also one or two of his children 'suffered' which may have contributed to the death of one of his daughters whilst giving birth. The two known problems are colour blindness and Rhesus Negative blood which have been passed down to the present generations. We have no idea if the Goldsmith or Mazasitisz families had problems which could have added to some of the conditions that some members of the family suffer from today.

When Harry was dying at Widecombe he had severe chest pains and although he didn't believe in conventional medicine he was in so much pain he allowed Dorothy to call out the doctor who injected him with Morphine, this eased things for a few hours but the pain came back even more excrucating than before. The doctor was called again and injected him with a lethal dose of Morphine, ironically he died of the effects of chemicals that he had not believed in all his life.

I could be cross with him for NOT being my grandfather in any normal way. What do I have of him? Colour Blindness - thanks a bundle Pop Bird! :-)
name withdrawn - Bird grandson

link to Genetics pages

Just a bit about SMOKING. In our house dad had a A4 card on the wall saying "thank you for not smoking" long before it be came an issue you can see how we got the non smoking message from both grandparents...I will send you a copy when I find it. Our house had many
improving things on the walls.... Gertrude's poems etc
I never resented or rebelled against it all!!!
Ian was smoking Senior service when I met him, a left over from the free cigarettes given out with the tot of rum in the navy. It was at Brymore School Cannington where Tom and Hamish were born that he gave up smoking .

This sign was always displayed in our house for as long as I can remember! Thalia


Norman had various 'genetic things' like Harry his father, weaknesses etc and was never able to work hard and hold down a job for very long. He often had 'pains in the head.'
According to some of the Bird children Gertrude also had 'genetic' problems and symptoms, this is why she had no more children. No one knew anything about these sort of things in those days
We have not been able to confirm these stories.

One thing struck me - Mum and I are both rhesus negative, so that is a family trait that has survived. I've only just found out that my mother has a small kidney - as does my daughter. I wonder, is this another inherited trait from the Bird or May clans??" Edwin Bird's family

"Despite the sentimental glorification of motherhood, childbirth during the early 1900's was a serious risk for women. Contraceptive information was relatively hard to obtain. In 1913 more women between the ages of 15 and 44 died in childbirth than from any other cause except tuberculosis. Childbirth regularly threatened a mother's life and health - yet left the father physically untouched. Witholding of sexual favours put a wife in jeopardy of losing her husband and it was not unusual for a man to seek physical fulfillment elsewhere. It could be difficult for many husbands to understand the apprehension with which some wives approached sex and possible pregnancy.
In return for simple housework - cooking, sewing etc - the wife could expect to receive food, shelter and a clothing allowance. Yet if a wife failed to perform her duties, she was the legal chattel of her husband - he could beat her rape her or divorce her as he willed. If a husband failed to perform his duties, the wife had little recourse, for a married woman was almost entirely dependent upon the generosity of her husband."
Extract taken from 'Sunshine for Women'
Was this Gertrude's real story ?

Gertrude was said to have suffered from 'depression' in later life and spent her last few months in a Home. She was given ECT treatment for the condition. Was this due to the life she had led?

It is now widely recognized that the body stores memories of intensely stressful experiences, such as living with secrets and lies, particularly in certain regions at the core of the brain (the limbic system, which is the seat of our emotions). We may not care to speak of these events to anyone, but memories of them–whether vividly recalled or lost to awareness –colour many aspects of our daily existence, often without our conscious realization.

Link to an informative website


Domenico worked for Carlo Erba in Milan

Domenico worked for Carlo Erba in Milan

Even though John Watson (Julius Rothermel) was a Pharmacist many customers were disallusioned with going to their GPs and being given repeat prescriptions or even more tablets that appeared to react with those they were already taking. They came into the Pharmacy desperate for something that would actually work. John trained in Homoeopathic Pharmacy and often went on refresher courses to the Homoeopathic Hospital in London.
There are three forms of preparation recognised in homoeopathic pharmacy:
Solution in water or alcohol, Trituration (with sugar of milk) and Liquid Attenuations.
He also had formulas for his own cough mixtures, stomach mixtures and pain remedies which he sold in the shop containing herbs and natural medicines with ingredients such as IPICACUANA , QUININE, KAOLIN & MORPHINE, RHUBARB, LIQUORICE, ANISEED and many others.
He had quite a local reputation for these potions and customers often preferred these to the ones prescribed by their GP's.
Sadly the recipes for these concoctions were all in his head and died with him.


Alastair is an insulin depedent diabetic, he was refusing to take his medication as prescribed but after a recent spell in hospital he is now being compelled to take everything prescribed under the supervision of a District Nurse after a ruling in the Court of Appeal on 1st February 2006 by Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers CJ re the patient's capacity of understanding the consequences of his actions. ( Regina on application of B v S and others 2006 EWCA Civ 28 ) which has set a precedent for such cases. The ruling was "It was plain that a patient would lack capacity if he was not able to appreciate the likely affects of having or not having the treatment" The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of a patient against the dismissal of his challenge to a decision to medicate him by compulsion.

Discussion Forum

I never felt I could really open up discussions about anything at home without hurting feelings and questioning beliefs. I feel he [dad] might have been wrong in some areas i.e. innoculations - I'm still out on that one. My daughter had to have a load before going to Australia this month, because I carried on the tradition of not allowing any when they were small. I still don''t know in my own mind if that was right or not?

I fall between two camps as my mother was brought up in the Bird/Goldsmith philosophy and my father was a Pharmacist and staunch red meat eater. I was made to take many antibiotics and other drugs whilst growing up which I'm sure did me no good at all. At the present time I do my utmost to use homeopathy and natural remedies if I am unwell. I know 'the family' blamed my father for Alastair's ill health as a child and using medicines and chemicals from the pharmacy and my mother was ostrisized all her married life over it. Father very rarely called the doctor in, just prescribed everything himself for the family, often claiming he knew more about the latest drugs than the GP. This was often true and still is today with Pharmacists, the Drug Company reps used to call in the shop and explain in great detail to him their latest brands, they would leave all the literature which was avid bedtime reading for him cover to cover!

See Pansy's full story by clicking link. Janice
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None of us had vaccinations, it carried on into my children but our grandchildren I think are vaccinated. I remember my mother telling me about having a childhood infectious disease and being delerious and watching the trellis rose covered wallpaper of her bedroom rise and sink off the wall, Dad had a groove in all his teeth from an episode of childhood scarlet fever. We were never taken to the doctor as children. Maurice also campaigned against flouride in the water supply.
In his last weeks he was quite cross that his piano player in his band, a great smoker and boozer Although in poor health was going to out live him. His healthy life style had let him down.


Every day is precious when you have someone fighting cancer in your family


There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval
'Soliloquies of England' 1922


At 81 Teignmouth Road we used to pick raspberry leaves, dry them put them into sealed jars and make raspberry tea ,used for period pains. also Valerian was used for a sleeping potion and Penny Royal for pains too. We used to dry dandelion roots to make dandelion coffee, quite common during the war, dandelion leaves in salads too.
We were all given a drink of senna pods soaked weekly, very common during childhood at that time.
Gertrude oversaw all the births of most of the Birds and Childs babies, it was explained to me that she was treated very cruelly in childbirth and Roman Catholic midwives got the blame. She did not want her family to go through the hell she went through and she and my mother explained this to me by warning me not to be abused during childbirth.

I remember having a chest x ray in Torquay before going to Teachers Training College . A letter arrived and I went by my self to the x ray appointment I was neither discouraged but not encouraged by my parents it seemed to mark a turning point in taking part in orthodox treatment
Perhaps they did not want to make a fuss but it was something I did very much on my own with no discussions. My parents seemed to opt out Gertie was dead before 1956/7 so she was not around to have her say.
... when we went to buy shoes there was a machine you put your feet in to check the fit and you could see all your bones in a harsh green light........I remember the fuss Gertie made about the dangers of radiaton and to a certain extent Lillian making the case that this was a very very
bad thing to do and holding forth to the shop assistants or talking loudly to us to make sure the shop assistants got the message. we kids were fascinated by the machine.
I think this was what gave me the feeling of abandonement at the lonely chest xray after all the priming of the dangers of radiation at the shoe shops...

Every morning before mother got dressed she used to do at least 10 mins of
exercises... Probably the Influence of the Womens League for Health and Beauty. Later she exercised to the radio programme that ran for many years with music and instructions to follow. She did keep slim and fit..