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Exhibitions and Meetings

"Disobedient Objects" at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

26 July 2014 - 1 February 2015

Thalia and Hamish Campbell both have exhibits

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Images Isabelle Meron

During the late 1960s and early 70s i went to all the political conferences , this was before the Brighton bomb it was easy, I remember Ted heath standing in front of an enormous photo of himself, sunburnt in sailing gear saying to the assembled throng " we will put our people back where they belong and it will take the labour party 15 years to put things right again" . Are we in this game again? They want to leave an impossible mess.....

Thalia's banner at Battersea BLP meeting 20 Oct 2012

Thalia's banner at Battersea BLP meeting 20 Oct 2012

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2011 Annual Peace History Conference
Dates: 13th May 2011 to 14th May 2011

Times: 9:30 am (13/5/11) to 5:15 pm (14/5/11)

Location: Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London.

Details: This, the fifth Peace History Conference organised by MAW, focuses on the pioneers and prophets of the peace movement. Details of speakers and topics can be found on the booking form. There will be a display of Women's Peace Banners from the Greenham Common peace camp, as 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the march to Greenham. There will also be an exhibition marking the 75th anniversary of Peace News.

Peace Exhibition 2011 Bradford

Peace Exhibition 2011 Bradford

The Flowering of Second wave Feminism

The Flowering of Second wave Feminism
This is a replica of a banner from the sixties/seventies a little enhanced...I went to two of those Emotionally explosive Conferences. There will be a big international exhibition starting on March 10th 2011 on the History of International Womens Day in Erfurt Germany and Thalia has been asked to co-ordinate things from the UK the banner might get women interested in the exhibition.....

During these womens conferences International Womens Day was reclaimed.
The small fist against the blue sky is a symbol of the reaching out to
groups of women, women of Colour and Disabled women etc as the
movement grew...


hamish campbell

vision on TV

Hamish winning a prize

Hamish winning a prize

LNG Demonstration Pembroke Wales

LNG Demonstration Pembroke Wales
Full permission given by parents for publication of image

Two plants are about to open. There was a practice alert the alarm was scheduled to sound. If you are within a seven mile radius of Dragon and South Hook, did you hear it, we did not in Pembroke, or is it restricted to the half mile radius from the plants The seven mile radius is a conservative estimate of the danger from a Vapour Cloud Explosion. ..

We've heard there has been an incident with the LNG ship
and the whole thing has been put off for a year and that Brussels has
decided that the locals have not been considered/consulted on Safety, Thalia

The arrival of the 1st ship from Qatar 20.03.09

The arrival of the 1st ship from Qatar 20.03.09

Recent LNG flare

Recent LNG flare

Unfinished Banner 1980's

Unfinished Banner 1980's

Bradford 1988 banner Ian Campbell

Bradford 1988 banner Ian Campbell

Eric Pickles

Eric Pickles

Did you hear tear gas was used in the House Of Commons at an incident with
Eric Pickles and Journalists last night?
The above is a banner and a very short version of a long exciting story .
it was written up in the Museums Journal at the time and the local Bradford papers in November 1988
Thalia & Ian


Since all these people were brought into Bradford the city has one of the highest incidents of rare genetic diseases in the country.

The Born in Bradford study, tracking 10,000 children from birth through their first two decades of life aims to rectify this.
Around 50% of children born in Bradford are to Pakistani parents.
Dr Peter Corry, a consultant paediatrician at Bradford Teaching Hospitals says they have identified almost 150 of these rare genetic conditions in the city - much higher than would be expected.
Data collected by the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit has shown since 1997 there have been 902 British children born with neurodegenerative conditions and 8% of those were in Bradford which only has 1% of the population.

The study hopes to establish the causes of some of Bradford's public health problems, including the relatively high infant mortality rate and low birth weight recorded in the city. Funding for the project comes from a number of sources including research grants and charitable donations. Institutions participating in the project include the University of Bradford, the University of Leeds and the National Health Service. Patrons and supporters of the project include former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan, Baroness Lockwood of Dewsbury and HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Participating mothers will be recruited in early pregnancy and they and their child will be followed for up to 20 years. Health will form the early focus, to be supplemented by social, educational and economic factors as the participants grow older.

To follow the study see the 'Born in Bradford' official website

Leipzig Conference

Leipzig Conference
EL fem Peace Seminar

From 17 to 18 January 2009 the feminist network of the European Left (EL fem), in cooperation with the feminist network LISA of Die Linke, organised a peace seminar titled "Women as Workers for Peace, Menders of Peace, and Preservers of Peace".

60 Years of US Bases Europe.
Past their sell by date?
Thalia D Campbell 23.01.2009

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We bought this banner in the Army and Navy stores at Lawrence Corner London in the early 1980s for £12. We thought at the time it must be a banner that had been used in Northern Ireland. We were amazed it was for sale. We used it on the fence at Greenham Common at demonstrations many of the military who were inside the base had served in N Ireland
I have posted it to the museum and they got it safely and are putting it up when they reorganise their museum in November! My banners are now finding appropriate homes. The idea to give it to them just came to me in a flash as we looked around the museum. They Just love the Greenham story of that banner as part of their story at the Derry Museum. Thalia

The banner displayed

The banner displayed


Imperial War Museum - March 2008

Imperial War Museum - March 2008

Hamish - 8th International Film Festival

Hamish - 8th International Film Festival

Thalia working on the Blog

Thalia working on the Blog

Preparing Banners for Stuttgart Meeting in August 2007

Preparing Banners for Stuttgart Meeting in August 2007
Work in Progress in Thalia's home in Wales
Link to see more of the event on 17th August 2007 ( in German ) click to view




A sketch by Thalia

A sketch by Thalia

Thalia and Ian were founder members of "Arts for Labour" an organisation for artists who support the Labour Party and of party members who support the arts.


Made by Thalia May 2011

Made by Thalia May 2011

Original banner

Original banner
The making of banners brought Thalia and Ian's profound interest in politics and art together. Before making banners they were etchers and painters, exhibiting regularly from the 1950's onwards. Since 1978 they helped to promote the revival of the traditional craft of sewn banners, following in the tradition of William Morris, the Suffragettes the Cooperative Women's Guild and the Association of International Artists.

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I've given most of the Banners to the Peace Museum in Bradford.. There are a couple very relevant to Wales !

Now retired artists and lecturers, Thalia and Ian not only made banners for a wide range of organisations, they also organised itinerent exhibitions and ran workshops where they helped people to make their own banners.
Many of the 100's of banners Ian and Thalia made in the past quarter of the 20th Century have traveled the world.

Suffragists marching on 17th June 1908 with their banners

Suffragists marching on 17th June 1908 with their banners

Hamish Campbell

Hamish Campbell






Thalia toured with this exhibition

Thalia toured with this exhibition
Peace tapestry exhibition at Global Connections opening event at the Eastgate centre – Monday 23rd January 2006 – 6.00 till 7.00 p.m.
In the mid 1980s Pembroke resident Thalia Campbell concerned about the hatred of USA at the height of the cold war decided there must be another America to share with people in U.K. In a friends kitchen in North Wales she read the book “The Ribbon, A celebration of Life”. The ribbon was originally created to mark the 40th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. To make a statement people made ribbon segments they then converged on Washington in their thousands and encircled the Pentagon as well as many main avenues and boulevards. The whole route being lined with people carrying over 17 miles of ribbons from all over the world. The theme running through them all being “what you would miss most in event of a nuclear war”.

Thalia met the founder of this great idea and brought back some of the thousands of art works made by Americans of all colours, creeds and ages. She raised the money, travelled to Chicago and Milwaukee, and visited the Peace Museum and the homes of rich and poor and listened to their stories. Others heard of the display in the UK and sent more ribbon pieces from Vermont and Oregon.
Justine Merritt the inspiration for the project came over and did a speaking tour. Recently after years of silence because of ill health Justine Merritt now 81 emailed Thalia. She is delighted it will be on show again in Pembroke and we are privileged to be able to see some of this unique piece of history, which has been exhibited and touched people all around the world. Its message is timeless…The project is still being run from the U.S and there is a dedicated website click to view

Ian and Thalia travelled this exhibition
around nine cities in the UK