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Education Page Three


Books and Reading

During teacher training in the 1950s 'Father and Son' by Edmund Gosse was on our reading list but Darwin and Mary Wollstancroft were not! Gosse's friendship / battles with Darwin would have added depth to our training/ indoctrination...Gosse's book was especially interesting to me as it was about Devon my home area.
I remember voicing concerns about a few of my fellow students under training with their fundamentalist religious views. My concerns were ignored. Thalia

Do you remember the old school signs with the word school and the blazing torch ????

The Torch of Knowledge

The Torch of Knowledge

Banner 1985 Ian & Thalia Campbell

Banner 1985 Ian & Thalia Campbell
The Labour Party Badge was adopted in 1924 it depicted a crossed spade
and pen with a vertical torch it was sold for 1 shilling

Infectious Diseases and Libraries

The sticker is an interesting period piece in this old book and the price and sale details are stamped inside in faded purple and in Welsh. price 40c . (would be 40p in English).
My neighbour told me that in Folkestone her mother from between the Wars belonged to the Boots Lending Library, you paid for the books you borrowed and it was for 'middle class' women and their families. It only lent 'clean' books and was situated in the Chemist shop. They were very popular and when she was young she can remember they started lending children's books and it was a real treasure trove, she can remember reading all her first books from there. Public libraries were only for the 'poor' and most books had to be fumigated when they were handed in.
She told me when she was a librarian there was a big notice up asking families to place all books in a large container if any of the family had Chicken Pox etc. The whole family were put into quarantine for around 10 days. They as librarians were not allowed to handle the books and people from the Council came round once a week took the container away for all the contents to be fumigated. This went on until about the 70's ( she thinks) so anybody who thought themselves middle class would use the Boots lending Library to be assured of borrowing clean books. She thought Boots closed down the facility in the late 60's early 70's.


From the 1930s there were many book clubs, a regular political battle, with books delivered monthly to people's homes .Victor Gollancz with The Left Book Club and The Foyle Family later started the Right Book club copying Gollancz's format.There was the Thinkers Library and many other book clubs .I have two boxes of the Thinkers Library books.... Gollancz had an MTB boat moored in Pembroke before the barrage was built Ian has memories of him and the boat going up and down Pembroke River. I regularly visited Christina Foyle's book shop in London where my sister Susan worked in the 1960s ..Ian's father belonged to the Companion Book Club and the Mariners Library with regular books arriving by post up to and through the 1960s mainly adventure stories. The Net book agreemnennt came under threat in the 1930s .This eventually came to an end I think with Mrs Thatcher. Thalia


Silver Torch Series of Children's books

Silver Torch Series of Children's books

In 1932 in the 'Modern Housewife Series' a book by Kathleen E Fletcher was published for the Senior Modern School. The object of the book 'Housewifery' was to interest future housewives in the care and cleaning of a house and the intelligent running of the home.


To have a light, airy , dry and clean larder

Walls - tiles are best, but generally the walls are whitewashed
Cleaning - weekly, scrub well with carbolic soap. Daily, wipe with a damp cloth

Ventilation - The window should face north if possible with a perforated zinc panel.
A perforated zinc panel should be built into the top of the door.

Food is covered to protect from flies. There are two types of flies - the house fly and the blow fly which lay eggs on dead flesh, the eggs hatching out as small worms.
1.See the room is tidy
2 Make up the fire if necessary
3.Ventilate the room
4.Arrange flowers for the table in a low bowl or little vases
Using your brushes

Wash up, clean sink and scrub table
Fold rug and carry into yard, pile chairs on table and shut door
Sweep the floor to hearth and burn dust, rub up brasses

Throw up the seat and brush around the pan with a lavatory brush, flush
and pour down disinfectant
Furniture polish seat
Hang up clean lavatory cloth weekly

Hall and staircase:
Remove and clean stair rods, brush stair carpet, dust and polish sides of stairs

Take up rugs
Remove surface dust from from linoleum
Remove small furniture onto landing
Brush floor

" If every man his door did sweep
The City would be clean"

The Cave Children a book Gertrude read to her grandchildren

The Cave Children a book Gertrude read to her grandchildren
GMB read us two Books as Children
The Diary of Opal Whitely.... an educated child dumped on a loggers family in Oregon... a hard life made magical and The Cave Children,... a woman in Austria/Germany hounded out of her
Community finding refuge in a hidden valley... was she a witch or refugee from religious persecution. That photo of the place where bad women were put in the town square in the German Rothermel section is interesting!!! relevant ?
She also gave me a book on social reformers each chapter on a different person Elisabeth Fry.... prisons etc Thalia


The same area today

The same area today