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Homes and Businesses

7 Chapel St Penzance

7 Chapel St Penzance
The Childs' home and Tailor's business in 1841
Photo Newton Childs

15 South Terrace Penzance

15 South Terrace Penzance
1891 Census
Run as a Lodging House by John & Maria Childs (Eastaway) on their return from Dudley
Photo Newton Childs

The Childs family just loved unusual house names !!

MONT DORE, a magic name which conjures up many treasures. Where each person will find the particular treasure they seek.
Perhaps you are an enthusiast of old buildings and come to discover places steeped in history Perhaps you are a nature lover : you will find a wealth of choices for wandering among landscapes of outstanding luxuriance and spellbinding colours.
Perhaps you are in search of peace and rest
First named Mont d'Or (Mount of Gold) when a few particles of the precious metal were found there, the commune was then renamed Mont-Dore when the missionaries from Auvergne arrived.

Histoire et patrimoine
Capitale mondiale du traitement de l'asthme, le Mont-Dore doit sa notoriété à la pureté de son air et aux propriétés de ses eaux thermales. Son patrimoine architectural s'enorgueillit de son établissement thermal alliant vestiges de colonnades romaines et style néo-byzantin, qui lui confèrent un charme très spécifique.

Un Cocktail tonique
Station familiale par excellence, Le Mont-Dore sait concilier à merveille santé, sports et distractions. Point de départ pour découvrir les multiples facettes de l'Auvergne (volcans, lacs, châteaux, églises romanes…), la station est aussi réputée pour la qualité et la diversité de ses animations, la grande variété des structures de sports d'été et d'hiver et les activités que procure une nature généreuse et proche (randonnées pédestres, sorties orpaillage, VTT, équitation, golf…). Beauté du site, qualité de l'accueil, richesse d'un patrimoine architectural, le Mont-Dore remplit parfaitement son rôle de grande station touristique et thermale qui réjouit ses nombreux vacanciers en quête de dépaysement, de calme et d'authenticité.


1st appearance in Telephone Directory 1929

1st appearance in Telephone Directory 1929
Mont Dore appeared in the Torquay Business Directory from 1923 under Charles Childs' name. He had disappeared by 1935 and the new owners were listed as R.G. Knapman
Source Pauline Childs

Telephone Directory 1953

Telephone Directory 1953


Maurice Childs Service & Civil Tailor & Outfitter

Maurice Childs Service & Civil Tailor & Outfitter
Just read a piece in yesterday's Guardian about Bauhaus and remembered
the decor of Dad's shop. Green and cream , very simple clean lines,
Plate glass, large surfaces of walnut veneers, black and white tiles in
the deep entrance, windows which curved into the inset door way, a small
office at the back of the shop, dark green carpets (I think). A gracious
stairway. Bauhaus chairs chrome and green leather. Up stairs a wide
window over looking the harbour, Two fitting rooms. Half way up the
stairs a small room where the alterations were made. A deep canopy out
over the pavement. Two things I remember Dad complaing about were The
red double decker buses were always damaging the canopy, and drunks used
the inset entrance as a toilet! Every thing of the best quality. The
others may have better memories than me.....Thalia

Sadly none of them wish to contribute their memories to the site.

shop Closure of Tailor's shop


Kelmscott Manor

Kelmscott Manor
Kelmscott Manor, a grade 1 listed Tudor farmhouse adjacent to the River Thames, was the summer home of William Morris from 1871 until his death in 1896. Morris loved the house as a work of true craftsmanship, totally unspoilt and unaltered, and in harmony with the village and the surrounding countryside
William Morris called the village of Kelmscott 'a heaven on earth'. His delight in its discovery can still be felt by the visitor today. The Manor is the most evocative of all the houses associated with William Morris.
Charles Childs named two of his houses 'Kelmscott'

Telephone Directory 1936

Telephone Directory 1936
As quoted in

Pictorial & Historical Survey of Babbacombe & St Marychurch, Volume 2 (A-J)
compiled by
Leslie Lownds Pateman
Published by:- Babbacombe & St Marychurch Traders & Hoteliers Association, 1991

Childs Maurice - one time owner of shop on Strand - Page 85

At Little Ideen

At Little Ideen
'IDEEN' = advanced ideas, left wing ideas, conceptions

Ideen named after the radical movement which began in Germany in the seventeen-nineties as "the only one which has an indisputable title to be called Romanticism, since it invented the term for its own use"
Between the 1880's and 1930's it became the German 'Arts & Crafts' movement, based on Architecture and Socialism. It incorporated education and the teaching of young children in the Kindergarten. It was part of the German Cooperative movement and anything in the arts and crafts which symbolised 'new ideas'. The ideas travelled all over Europe to Paris and Great Britain with followers such as George Bernard Shaw and William Morris.

The house ' little' Ideen in Belmont Drive was off the beginning of Teignmouth Road. It was a limestone unmade short road ending in stables for the big house Belmont House where the German pilot flew around the chimneys . Miss Bennet lived above the stables. Our little new 1930s house was set above Belmont House..our house plus a few others probably built in the grounds... you can see it on a few photos of GMB,Thalia and Dad the front garden and there is one with a bird table in the back garden ...I think Dudley lived there first and
then got a job in Plymouth and dad took it on...He bought all the furniture with the money he made with his band playing at hotels around the area as far away as Bovey tracey.Thalia

I've just remembered the Destructor at Upton where waste was burnt it was not far from us in Teighmouth Road.There were complaints about Pollution As there were by Green peace about later Incinerators.
We also had the slaughter house just down Penny Lane . we have not explored these more unsavoury bits of local history... Dudleys house in Plymouth was built on an old city rubbish tip which caused him concern .. he was very concientious and he had cracks in his house as the land had not been consolidated/ I remember the steep drop at the end of his garden which puzzled me as a child....Thalia

IDEEN MOVEMENT in the '30's

At its Convention in October 1933 the AFL resolved to 'rally the membership for the fight against fascism in Germany and elsewhere' It declared a boycott against German made goods and German service. as long as the German government prohibited 'bona fide trade unions and persecuted Jewish people merely because of their religious beliefs'

Maurice Childs had two houses named 'Ideen'

What excitment to think our Grandparents were interested in that Ideen movement.All my curiosity about the house name has taken all these years to come to light. What an internationalist lot!I feel so proud of them! I think Lynne will be interested in the Ideen movement .... she has called a flat she owns Ideen to continue the family tradition
How I wish they had shared more with us...thank heavens Gertrude shared just enough and Lillian gave me a few pointers. Thalia

81 Ideen
81 Teignmouth Road

Lillian in 1961 Telephone Directory

Lillian in 1961 Telephone Directory

hut Hut at Hale
queensway Queensway Close