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Butler History


Johann Georg Rothermel 1827-1906 on a visit to Wellingboro in 1888

Johann Georg Rothermel 1827-1906 on a visit to Wellingboro in 1888
Images sent from newly found family in Württemburg

The above photograph was taken in 1888 whenJohann Georg went to visit his sons and grandchildren both in Wellingborough and Nottingham

See Rothermel documents for details

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership hereto-
subsisting between us the undersigned, Leonard
Brightwell and William Peters, under the style or firm
of Peters and Brightwell, in the business of Photographers,
at Wellingborough, in the county of Northampton,
has been dissolved by mutual consent, as and from
the 6th day of November, 1886.-Dated this 23rd day of
November, 1886. William Peters.Leonard Brightwell.

Leonard Brightwell traded alone at 16 High Street Wellingborough aged 33
on the 1891 Census he was described as Photographer, Dealer in Musical Instruments and Teacher of Music. He was also listed at 15 High Street Wellingborough. His shop was just along the road from our family's butchers shop.

Is this Johann Georg and family or Johann Michael?

Is this Johann Georg and family or Johann Michael?

On her marriage certificate in 1916 Barbara Lena stated that she lived in Vivian Road Wellingborough. The Butler family lived in Newcomen Road. On the 1901 Census Ernest Albert was aged 19 and a Joiners Apprentice, his father Alfred, who attended the wedding, was a Railway Engine Driver Retired. Perhaps the family moved to Long Eaton due to the involvement with the railways.
Ernest Albert stated he lived in Waverley Street Long Eaton Derbyshire at the time of the wedding. It is unknown whether Barbara Lena took Julius (aged seven) to the wedding or whether she left him in Wellingborough with his grandmother. The couple obviously married in that area to be near the Butler family.
It is unknown whether Barbara Lena , Ernest and Derek continued to live in Derbyshire or returned to Wellingborough. This may be the reason that Julius went to Boarding School. Just before the second world war Barbara Lena went to Torquay to join Julius, there was no Mr Butler with her. She had no where to go and was penniless so Harry Bird ( Janice's maternal grandfather ) put her up in Esdaile according to older family members free of charge.
* We have now seen correspondence from Derek stating his father Ernest and Barbara Lena separated and he was brought up in Wellingborough by his grandmother*
Julius severed all contact with them in the late 50's/60's. Derek maintained contact throughout her life as he dealt with her death and funeral. Janice

Only a little was known of Barbara Lena's background by my grandfather. He decided to investigate further ( motivation unknown). He certainly remembers his grandmother Naomi and can relate a little that was passed down to him re the brothers Rothermel ( especially the butchers shop). He remembers John Julius and speaks well of him but cant really recount much about him. I remember as a child that on occasion my father and grandparents would talk of the time when John Julius cut off contact and said he wanted no further contact with the Butlers ( reason unknown). Dan Butler

Barbara Lena Rothermel Butler at Esdaile

Barbara Lena Rothermel Butler at Esdaile

The Butler family originated from East Langton Leicestershire. We have traced them back to 1851 when Robert was listed as an Ag Lab. born in Smeeton nearby.
On the 1861 Census Robert (58) was a Shepherd and young Alfred aged 12 was a Plough Boy.
Alfred married Ellen Leach and had moved to Cannon Street Wellingborough where he was a Railway Fireman.
Ellen was born in Wixoe Suffolk on 30.12.1848 the couple married on 13.06.1870 she was the daughter of Joseph Leach an Agr Lab.
On the 1881 Census he was a Railway Engine Driver quite an acheivement and was living at 124 Newcomen Road Wellingborough.
There were five children in the family Constance, Alfred, Edwin, Herbert and Ernest.

Information from Graham:

Robert Butler born 1802 died 1871 Market Harborough
married Elizabeth Odish 29.08.1834 - Desford
Children Mary 1834, William 1836, Robert 1839, Thomas 1842, Sarah Jane 1846, Alfred 1849,
George Edwin 1851, Annie 1854

Alfred married 3Q 1903 in Portsmouth
Constance married 2Q 1896 in Wellingborough
Edwin married 1Q 1906 in Wellingborough
Ernest married 3Q 1916 Shardlow Derbs

An Ernest Edwin Butler died in Wellingborough in July 2003. He was born 28.06.1918. The similarity of names points to him being a member of the family - anyone any clues?

East Langton

East Langton
Steam Train at Long Eaton Station

I have three families of Butlers living in Derbyshire at the time of the 1911 census.
George Edwin Butler, 59, living at 18, Princess St., Brimington, Chesterfield, with his wife Annie (Williamson) and 5 children, Cecil, Agnes Adelaide, Clement Williamson, Norman, and Eric Ernest.

Edwin Butler, 31, living at 10, Hall Rd., Brimington, Chesterfield, with his wife Annie (Bedall) and daughter Avril Dorothy, aged 6 weeks.

Bernard Butler, 28, living at 4, Sheffield Road, Whittington Moor, with wife Florence (Stevenson) and son Cecil.

Bernard and Edwin were sons of George Edwin. George and Annie had 12 children of whom 11 were alive at the time of the 1911 census. The four I haven't so far mentioned are Bertram, Florence Edith, Ethel Annie, and Maud Elizabeth. Of these, Bertram was living in Melton Mowbray in 1911 but I'd lost the girls by then as, presumably, they'd married.

Graham ( See also contribution on Alfred Henry Butler page )