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We would like to thank extended family members for their contributions

We would like to thank extended family members for their contributions

Distribution of Healy name

Distribution of Healy name

Most of the men in the Healey family were connected to the Navy
Charles Isaac Healey born 1889 was a Chief Petty Officer ( Writer ) in the Royal Navy

William Henry Heal(e)y walked to Belfast to join the Royal Navy, after his service at sea he became a coastguard in Cornwall.


William Henry Healey 57 Retired Chief Officer Coast Guard born Tracton Co Cork Ireland
Sarah wife 59 married 31 years
Mabel daughter 27

Family living at 56 Barton Avenue Devonport

William H Healey Single aged 27 Able Seaman Executive - Overseas Royal Navy
Ship - CORNWALLIS - Grand Harbour Malta

Robert Healey Single aged 24 - ER Artificer
Royal Sailor's Rest, Commercial Road Portsmouth

Thomas Healey aged 29 Ship Fitter
Agnes Healey 27
Myrtle Agnes 3
Sarah Vera 1
51 Station Road Devonport Devon

Charles Healey 50 Tailor & Outfitter born Cork Ireland
Emily 50 married 30 years
Jane Bawden daughter 26 years married 4 years
William Healey son 24 Outfitters assistant

Family living at 52 Godolphin Road Helston Cornwall

Tracton is a southeast County Cork parish, lying roughly 7 kilometres south of Carrigaline. It is named after Tracton Abbey a Roman Catholic monastery that was in the area in medieval times

Refurbished Tracton School

Refurbished Tracton School

The Coastguard ranks were
1. Boatman.
2. Commissioned Boatman.
3. Chief Boatman.
4. Chief Boatman-in-charge.
5. Chief Officer.

In 1856, the Royal Navy took over control of the Coastguard Service. During the Crimean War 1854/56, large numbers of coastguards had been called into the Royal Navy, but presumably their places (as coastguards) were kept open for them.

Smuggling was carried on extensively around the Irish coast, tobacco being the principal commodity involved

For family history purposes, the Coastguard Force is unique in that the families lived with the men in either Martello Towers or coastguard cottages. They were never recruited from the district in which they served in order to reduce undue fraternisation with the community whom they effectively policed.

1891 Census - HMS Alexandra

1891 Census - HMS Alexandra
Built by Chatham Dockyard launched 7th April 1875 sold for breaking up 1908
In 1891, she was flagship of the reserve at Portland, and remained so until 1901.

The family were at Rame

1891 Cornwall Census Coast Guard Station Cawsand - Civil Parish of Rame

Sarah Healey,Wife,M,,40,,,Madron Cornwall,,
,,,Thomas Healey,Son,S,9,,,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,William H. Healey,Son,S,6,,,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,Robert H. Healey,Son,S,4,,,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,Charles Healey,Son,S,2,,,,Rame Cornwall,,
,,,Mabel Healey,Dau,S,,7,,,Marazion Cornwall,,

Coast Guard Station Rame

Coast Guard Station Rame

"Healey, Dennis IRL 1795 1841 Minster in Sheppey KENT
1861 On pension at Hartlepool, DUR [RG9/3700/40 Wife: Ellen, c1798, IRL. Children: Helen & (CathÉ..) & Mary & John & Michael & Ellen, 1817 & c1818 & c1822 & 1825 & 1828 & 1831, all IRL. Grandchild: George C Healey, 1854, Hartlepool, DUR. "

We have not had it confirmed that the above data relates to our family - we only know that the men were in the Royal Navy and connected to the Coastguard Service for several generations

William Henry Healey 26 Sailor married Sarah Hayne 28 in the Parish Church Liskeard Cornwall
Son of William Healey - Labourer, daughter of Robert Hayne b 1821 deceased
Quarryman (Slate) and Margaret Tucker b1825 St Teath
In the presence of Elizabeth Healey and Charles Isaac Healey
Edward Hayne b 1796 d 1865 m Sarah ?
Children Robert, Richard, William, Thomas, Edmund.

William Cann b 1811 South Tawton Devon m Jamima Arscott (see image below)
Daughter Jemima Cann 1838-1917 m Thomas Hayne (brother of Robert)
Most of the men worked in the Slate Quarries

Sarah Hayne was born in St Teath Cornwall and had a brother John b 1845
John married Elizabeth Bate b Lanteglos 1849 the couple had four children

On 1881 Census Margaret ( Widow ) was living as a camper at Higher Meadrose St Teath

Extra Hayne info contributed by Derek Whitthread
"Happy to share family with you - always exciting to find new family" Derek

William Henry and Charles Isaac were brothers and perhaps Elizabeth a relative. From the 1881 Census onwards a John Healey and his wife Elizabeth (Harvey) and their family appear. Living in Cornwall

Charles Isaac Healey 20 Tailor married Emily Pascoe 21 in the Parish Church Liskeard
Son of William Healey Naval Pensioner, daughter of John Pascoe deceased Road Labourer
Emily was a domestic servant for a wine merchant when she married
In the presence of Andrew Steed and James Penney
Andrew Steed was a Tailor in Liskeard and James Penney was the Parish Clerk
3 children Mary 1882 Janie 1884 and William 1887

1881 Healey, William Henry IRL 1854 Marazion CON (A)

1891 Drill aboard HMS Alexandria at Portland, DOR; Wife Sarah was at the Cawsand, CON, station (B)....See above

From records of Civil Parish of St Just 1901


Pendeen Coast Guard Station,1,William Henry Healey,Head,M,47,,Chief Officer Coast Guard,,- Ireland,,
,,,Sarah Healey,Wife,M,,48,,,Delabole Cornwall,, (b St Teath)
,,,Thomas Healey,Son,S,19,,Engine Fitter,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,Mabel Healey,Dau,S,,17,,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,Robert Healey,Son,S,14,,Engine Fitter,,Marazion Cornwall,,
,,,Charles Healey,Son,S,12,,,,Cawsand Cornwall,,

1901 Pendeen St Just in Penwith CON Wife: Sarah, 1851, (Delabole (A & C); Madron (B)), CON. Children: Thomas & Mabel & William H & Robert H, 1882 & 1884 & 1885 & 1887 , all Marazion, CON; Charles, 1889, Cawsand, Rame, CON.

CHARLES ISAAC HEALEY born Q3 1888 St Germans Cornwall

CHARLES ISAAC HEALEY Writer Royal Navy - MARRIAGE - 22.12.1913 aged 25 yrs
Son of William Henry - Naval Pensioner
In the Wesleyan Chapel Union Street Torquay in Devon to Mabel Louise Blatchford 26yrs
Mabel's father Samuel Blatchford b1847 was a builder born Ipplepen Devon
His father before him, John b 1805 , was a Lime Burner also his brother William

Mabel Louise was one of nine children her mother was Martha Mary nee Yeo born Ipplepen
See Blatchford History on separate page

In 1893 Coast Guard & Rocket Station:There were six men & one officer

George Henry Sheppard was chief Officer at Pendeen from 1892 ? to 1898 when he died following injuries sustained during a rescue. Possibly William Henry took his place.

Coastguards served on ships and on shore. Those men on shore were posted away from their home for fear of collusion and/or collaboration with smugglers. Coastguard Stations were designed and equipped with living quarters for married men as well as single. Each station was commanded by a Chief Officer who normally was a Royal Navy lieutenant. In rank - beneath him were Chief Boatman, Commissioned Boatman and Boatman ranks. The size of the station determined the number of each rank.

Behind the cottages are three kitchen gardens (which soon fell into disuse as nothing would grow in such an exposed position) and, a little way off, the fog horn and its accompanying machinery.

Water was originally collected off the flat roof of the accommodation block and stored in an underground tank. So, apart from food and paraffin, they were virtually self sufficient.

At one point during the early 1900s the population of the site rose to four keepers, three wives, ten children, two dogs, three cats, five pigs, three goats, two ponies, about 30 chickens, and three geese. The geese apparently felt they owned the place, and refused to let the visiting local Superintendent (one Lieutenant Harold Reading) get off his horse.

Marriage William Cann - Jamima Arscott

Marriage William Cann - Jamima Arscott
Image kindly donated by Richard Cann

Agnes Eddy, wife of Thomas Healey

Agnes Eddy,  wife of Thomas Healey
Thomas Healey, John's uncle , married Agnes Eddy born 6.12.1883 in Pendeen in 1906
Here she is with three of her sisters Grace Sarah & Ethel, there were ten children. Her father Richard was a tin miner, so were many men in her family. They lived in St Just Cornwall.
Agnes and Thomas had two daughters Myrtle Agnes Healey b 1908
and Sarah Vera Healey b 1909 both in Devonport
and a son William T Healey b 1912 Penzance

A few of the coastguards from the pre 1922 period put down roots in Ardmore ( Ireland ). Jim Eddy had joined the navy from Cornwall, in the days of sail. He married in Ardmore and lived in Coffee Lane in a house on the site of Jimmie O’Connors. He had a long beard and seemed to be always gardening. He had two sons and one daughter. One of his sons Jack took part in a memorable escape from Spike Island in 1921.


Robert Healey married Ethel Janis Collett in 1912 Isles of Scilly they had a daughter
Ethel M Healey born 1913 and possibly two other children Joan b 1917 and Robert b 1923

Ethel was born 1887 in Garrison & Hugh Town St Mary's and
her father Richard was a boatman. The Colletts married into the Escott family.
Thanks to Ros - Tasmania

1911 Census

Robert Healey Single aged 24 - ER Artificer
Royal Sailor's Rest, Commercial Road Portsmouth


Pendeen Lighthouse

Pendeen Lighthouse

William Henry and Sarah

William Henry and Sarah

Charles Isaac and Emily

Charles Isaac and Emily

Charles Isaac and Mabel Louise

Charles Isaac and Mabel Louise

John and Dorothy

John and Dorothy

creating a connection between the two families
Present generation parents and grandparents

See extensive family tree published on the internet

"This original document was handed down through my own branch of the Family; it came to me through my cousin Sherryl Healey No.13131171. " (as seen on Google)

A second South African connection in the family see Slome pages....

A third, newly found family on the Bird side - Joseph Newton Bird Harry's cousin, emigrated to South Africa see section with photographs....