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Bird extended family in Sleaford

There are certain surnames which are peculiar to Lincolnshire :
Cooling - Collishaw and Waddingham - all appear in our extended family tree.


John BIRD 1775 m Elizabth Bedford ( 2nd marriage )
daughter Esther BIRD 1835 - 1913 m Frederick Bridges 1836 - 1916

Daughter Esther Bridges 1877 - 1943 m John Thomas Cooper 1873 - 1952
The couple had ten children

Frederick born 1901
Daughter Annie Cooper b 1902 m Arthur Cooling the couple had 7 children
Arthur, Peter, Kathleen, Dorothy, Dennis, Patricia and Bernard COOLING
John Cooper born1904
William born 1905
Doris Cooper born 1906-married Arthur S. Hodgskins 1925
Evalyn Cooper born 1909
Winifred Cooper (Peg) born 1911 died 1965
Lillian born 1910
Charles born 1913
Son Alfred Cooper 1915 - 1979 m Florence Bullock 1910 - 1997

All marriages St Deny's Church Sleaford

Information kindly supplied by Jean Creasey nee Cooper
The only information that I can offer for your site is regarding my grandfather. He is mentioned on the extended Sleaford family connected to the Birds through the Bridges family.

John Cooper b. 29 August 1903 West Banks. Sleaford
Son of John Thomas Cooper (1873-1952) and Esther Bridges (1877-1943).
Esther Bridges, daughter of Frederick Bridges (1836-1916) and Esther BIRD (1836-1913).

John Cooper married Amy Richmond Alfreda Humberstone on 23 January 1931. (Known as Freda.)
John died 17 December 1956 aged 53.
John and Freda had eight children. Two died in infancy. Four children are still living.
John is believed to have been a desert rat in WW2.

Many thanks to
Heather McWilliam July 2013

Note : The family as listed on the 1911 Census - 9 persons living in 3 rooms at 17 West Banks Sleaford
John Thomas Cooper 38 Labourer
Esther Cooper 33
Fred Cooper 10
Annie Cooper 9
John Cooper 7
William Cooper 6
Doris Cooper 4
Evelyn Esther Cooper 2
Lilian Cooper 1

( Charles and Alfred born later)

COOPER, BRIDGES and BIRD's Family Tree.

John Thomas COOPER (1873-1952) and Esther BRIDGES (1877-1943) married on 26th December in 1900 at St Denys Sleaford.
Esther BRIDGES was the daughter of Frederick BRIDGES (1836-1916) and Esther BIRD (1836-1913).
Frederick BRIDGES and Esther BIRD married at St Denys Sleaford on 29th October 1872. They were both 37 years old and John gave his occupation as butcher and baker. Census has him as a baker, brewer, market gardener and then he is a green grocer on his daughter's marriage certificate. Later he is a Bedesman at Carres Bedehouses East Gate, Sleaford.
Frederick BRIDGES was the son of Samuel BRIDGES (1805-1857) and Sarah RYLATT (1801-?)
Census has Samuel BRIDGES as a gardener in Quarrington/New Sleaford. News articles record Samuel spending three months in Falkingham Correction House for poaching and also 14 days for 'insolent and riotous' behaviour when another man was sentenced for poaching. He must have been educated to some degree as he signs his name on the marriage register.
Samuel and Sarah's children:
Samuel b. 1824
Sarah 1824 - 1862
William b.1827
Mary 1830-1831
Jonathan b. 1831
James 1833 - 1904
John 1835 - 1905
Frederick 1836 - 1916
Charles 1838 - 1922
Samuel and Sarah's first children were twins called Samuel and Sarah. Samuel marries and in 1861 he is a butcher while Sarah is in the East Street Union Workhouse in Sleaford. She dies there in 1862.
Frederick BRIDGES is baptised at St Denys Sleaford on 30 March 1836 and marries Esther BIRD.

John Thomas COOPER's parents were Robert COOPER (1831-1915) and Mary Ann WING (1842-?)
Robert was born in April 1831 in Wisbech Cambridge and died in Quarrington on 6 April 1915.
Mary Ann WING was the daughter of Richard Sharpe WING (1796-1870) and Elizabeth WATSON (1806-1887) and was born on 12 October 1842 in Quarrington. Their other children were:
Sarah WING (1831-?)
Catherine WING (1832-?)
John WING (1834-?)
William WING (1840-1903)
William never married and is recorded as a pauper patient at the Kesteven County Asylum in the 1901 census. He dies there on 26 July 1903.
Richard Sharpe WING was born in Parson Northampton. He married Elizabeth WATSON on 3 June 1828 at St Denys Kirkby Laythorpe. Census entries state he is an agricultural labourer and his death certificate states he was a shepherd. He appeared in front of the Sleaford Sessions twice and was acquitted of stealing a quantity of peas but convicted in 1834 of stealing two sacks and sent to prison for six months with hard labour. However, when he died on 27 October in 1870 in Quarrington Lincolnshire he left a will valued under £100 to his wife Elizabeth.
Elizabeth WATSON was born to Ann and John WATSON and was baptised on 20 November, 1806 at St Denys Kirkby Laythorpe. She died in Quarrington at the age of 81 on 24 November 1887.

Heather - August 2013

Mum was known as "Marmy Cooper" when she was growing up.
I also read some old letters that my nana had written to my mum. Mostly day to day stuff but I did find this little gem that refers to the Cooper family. I wondered if you could put it onto your website along with the other information about the extended family from Sleaford? The passage refers to Alfred Cooper, who I believe is the young boy aged 7 in the photo on your website and also the wedding photos of "Alf and Florrie". I am hoping it will recall some fond memories for someone.

Here is the passage from one of Freda Cooper's letters to Marmy...

Aby, Aby, Aby, my boy,
What are you waiting for now?
You promised to marry me,
One day in June.
It's never too late,
And it's never too soon,
All the family,
Keep on asking me.
Which day? What day?
I don't know what to say.
Aby, Aby, Aby, my boy.
What are you waiting for now?

I hadn't heard this since I met Daddy when I was 17. His sister Doris used to sing it at the top of her voice, as she did her housework. That's how I know it.
As a matter of interest, Daddy's youngest brother (Uncle Alf, to you) was nicknamed ABY by the family. No-one called him Alfred, as if you did, the person would say, "Oh, you mean Aby Cooper."
Not that Doris wanted him to marry her, far from it.

Heather January 2014

Some Family Photos

Some Family Photos

Auntie May, and daughters Vera & Sheila

Auntie May, and daughters Vera & Sheila

Florrie & Alf

Florrie & Alf

Marriage of Kathleen Cooling & Raymond Massey

Marriage of Kathleen Cooling & Raymond Massey

Auntie Lillian

Auntie Lillian

Lillian & Peggy

Lillian & Peggy