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A CD of Family Photos

A CD of Family Photos
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Har2 Harry Bird alias
William Wallace
See WW1 and Vegetarian Sections
for explanation of name

Thom3 Great Grandfather Thomas Bird
with Thora and Lilian
Thom1 Great Grandfather Thomas
with Rebecca, Gertrude
and Children
Thom2 An outing with Grannie and Grandad

Har1 Harry at Mansands
Newholm4 Harry with three of his children
Thora, Lillian and Norman
band La Zoema Dance Band
' Zoema ' is a poem with metrics rhyme and rhythum

One of Harry and Dorothy's sons was named Zoemas
In Greek it means ' Our Life '
MLwed Harry with his wife Gertrude

Lilian and Maurice's wedding

Lilian and Maurice's wedding
Maurice and Lilian married on 26th October 1935, Lilian stated on the certificate that her father was Harold Bird deceased Printer and Stationer. Who on earth did people think the gentleman standing far right on the photograph was? Presumably her uncle with his 'wife' Dorothy her widowed mother sitting at his feet. She was denying her own father. ' W Bird ' signed as a witness - this presumably was Harry using his psuedonym William after his stationery shop in Paddington.
Thora and Dudley had married the year before in the same Registry Office, the same Registrar and Superintedent Registrar, the same witnesses, therefore the same pretence had to be kept up.
We wonder whether Charles and Edith knew the truth - or were they going along with the fantasy of the deceased brother?
Family members feel they perhaps didn't know the truth for sometime as Maurice used to tease Gertrude about getting re-married presumably believing she was a widow. No one knows when and how the truth came out.....
Other sons and daughters went on to marry in future years and he was alive and well.......
From what my parents both said this Gertrude secret came out slowly to Maurice and Dudley.
Probably unknown at the time of my parents marriage. Thalia

A beach scene late 1930's

A beach scene late 1930's

grantham Visiting Pansy and John Grantham
H12 Harry mowing in Grantham
1947 Harry with his partner
Dorothy Torquay 1947
Harry with some of his grandchildren

dotharjan With Dorothy and Janice