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Bird Brood

Photos on this page Spencer Janice & Thalia

Photos on this page Spencer Janice & Thalia
HTLN Harry and his first three
Thora Norman and Lilian
at Newholm Torquay
Four Daughters Four Daughters
Four1 Norman Thora Lilian and Florence
Thora Thora Gertrude
Norman2 Norman
Four2 The four eldest
mansgrp Various family members at Mansands
beach The same strip of beach today
Lilian9 Lilian
Pansy Florence Gertrude
RBwed A family wartime wedding
Thalia8 Thalia
LilTho Lilian and Thora
FloLil Florence and Lilian
IrB Iris
Iwed Another wartime wedding....
Marriage boomed during the early war years
as couples rushed to seal banns before
overseas service brought separation