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dorothy Dorothy Mazasitisz
aged 16 yrs

The Birds played music in Co-op halls in the 1920's/30's

The Birds played music in Co-op halls in the 1920's/30's

Band1 La Zoema Variety
Dance Band - Birds/Goldsmith
'Zoema' is a poem with metrics rhyme and rhythum
Band2 Maurice Childs
Rhythm Band
Band3 Gypsy Band - Birds
Band4 Bird's Jazz Band
Duo Thora and Lilian Bird
lilian Lilian Bird

Mother played music right up until she had her heart attack at the age of 75. We always had a piano and a couple of violins in the house. She played in a trio in her 70's with Mr and Mrs White from Stone. They used to be professional musicians, she the piano and he the drums.
After she lost co-ordination dad sold the piano and bought one of those electronic keyboards which played the drums and all the other instruments, she played every evening.
When they bought a house in Devon supposedly to retire, mother took her violin, Maurice and Lilian came round on a Saturday evening and they played music together. Alastair

Lynne Lynne Childs
I'm a jazz singer - mostly swing, emulating people like Ella Fitzgerald and admiring songwriters like Cole Porter and Duke Ellington. I am available for gigs in the South East. I book musicians to play on the gigs - usually a quartet with drums, bass, piano and myself. However, sometimes we go out as a duo, trio. I also play fiddle in a folk band - we do ceilidhs etc. Oh - and I work three days a week in the environmental field. I'd like to concentrate on the singing. Have a listen to my music.
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Band5 Aprile Biggs Band
Aprile has issued a super 11 track Jazz CD 'Aprile in Autumn'
at a special price for the family. Please order through this website.

The Fourth Generation !

Michele Carrera e Materia Prima

Michele Carrera e Materia Prima

La band ( inizialmente conosciuta come "RAGE AGAINST POPULAR" ] nasce all'inizio di settembre 2005 da un'idea di Ravasio Andrea, chitarrista e cantante del gruppo.
Poco dopo Michele Carrera (bassista) si unisce al progetto. i due componenti cercano cosi un batterista, trovando però solo delusioni.
Proprio quando tutto sembra andare a rotoli, grazie ad un annuncio pubblicato nella scuola da Michele, arriva il nuovo e tanto cercato batterista: Pablo De Angelis, nazionalità argentina.


The band (initially known as "RAGE AGAINST POPULAR") was born at the beginning of September 2005 from an idea by Andrea Ravasio, guitar player and singer of the group. Shortly after, Michele Carrera (bass player) joined the project; The two members tried to look for a drummer finding only disappointments. Just when all seemed useless, thanks to an announcement published at the music school by Michele, the new, sorely needed drummer arrived: the Argentinian Pablo De Angelis. The group then began to arrange its first pieces in the cold winter of 2005 and 2006…

In the Spring, after much long, hard practice, they went public. They participated in a competition and they came second, only 1 point from the winners. Other concerts followed, in particular in and around Bergamo. After the last summer concert the Rage began a "pause of reflection". Here a new member - the keyboard player Fabio Mosca - arrived, greatly contributing to the growth and definition of the group. Thus a new phase of rewriting and developing their music began: the Rage abandoned the cover scene known to the public, and continued producing new pieces - more melodic and, at the same time, powerful.

Between December 2006 and January 2007 the group took part in another important competition: after passing the 1st level (maximum points), they were placed third in the semi-finals. The band also performed at the Intel Fair (Milan, February 2007), playing for the "Arkan Lighting" stand. In the meantime the group began thinking about changing its name - too long, too much like "Rage Against The Machine". At last, the new name was born: "MATERIA PRIMA".
Between February and March 2007 they recorded a demo containing 4 original songs plus a cover which was then added during another recording session at "Frequenze Studio", Monza. The band - with its new, alternative style - is currently emerging on the local scene, and hoping to find other new possibilities. The Summer Tour - 15 concerts at the moment - begins in May 2007.


Faces for Radio

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Diane Marshall (Rothermel)

Diane Marshall (Rothermel)
Diane plays twelve instruments
jim Jim Rothermel's Jazz Band
San Francisco
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Mazurian Mazurian Band

Dorothy's roots?